It’s time to be honest about it. I do not find the majority of Semites attractive, this goes for Arabs (they are definitely a topic for a future post) as well as Jews. They tend to be pretty much a rather homely group, and here are my opinions on why I believe this is so. Hey, it’s not racist but a damn fact. I have wondered for years why and based on my research, the main reason most Jews are gruesome is:

  1. Inbreeding (followed by)
  2. Racial DNA
  3. Genetics curse
Jews have historically married only other Jews, It wasn’t until they tried to assimilate with the natives of the European nations they settled in that Jewish people started ‘marrying out’. Even so, when Jews mate with non-Jews, the offspring tend to look more Jewish than anything. When a Jewish person has hardly any features of a Semite whatsoever, they are extremely lucky because prominent features like big eyes, large noses, and thick lips are dominant genes which explains why biracial people often will take on the features of the parent whose features aren’t recessive, such as the blue-eyed blond.
Ugliness isn’t just a Jewish trait however – take at good look at the Italians and the British, for example. Brits tend to be on the whole quite an unappealing lot. Sometimes people I think are Jews are actually Italian, or Arabic, or whatever. Spaniards and the Portuguese can be mistaken for Jews too. After all, Jewishness is not a racial trait. Judaism is a religion. But it’s a sad truth that from their appearance, one can assume that the Jews are a separate race of people particularly since they keep themselves apart from the Gentiles, whom they look down upon due to the indoctrination by the very anti-Goyim Talmud. Anyone who reads that drivel can understand why Muslims do not like the Jews, why the Koran has so many anti-Jewish verses in it, and why a lot of people simply do not care for Jews.

Take a look at these Jewish faces – all of these Jews have features that are typical of their ethnicity, such as bug or slit eyes, hooked noses, dark hair (for the most part and usually it is curly) and lips that aren’t as thin as Caucasian Gentiles. If you don’t agree that Jewish people as a whole tend to be damned unattractive, you ought to make an appointment to see an eye doctor – or you’re one of those idiots who see the ‘beauty’ in every person, no matter how homely they are in actuality.






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