I got my results back from Ancestry yesterday regarding my DNA and received quite a shock when I saw that I have absolutely no Native American DNA at all! Why did I think I might have Indian blood in me? It is something that I have heard from relatives over the years, not just on my mother’s side but my father’s as well. I have zero Asian DNA but I never thought I did, though others have asked if I had Polynesian blood. Not sure where or how they saw that because I have the appearance of a biracial person.

Hence the other surprise – 29% of my DNA is Nigerian! Now that is stunning news as I expected other parts of Africa; I’ve never been drawn to Nigeria (I always wanted to visit Kenya, Tanzania, and Egypt)…yet I have learned that perhaps as many as 3.5 million slaves were taken to the New World from this area, which I never knew or even thought about. Senegal (3%) and Ivory Coast/Ghana (8%), yes. Cameroon/Congo, no. But now I have found out that slaves came from this region as well, many of their descendants live today in Virginia, Maryland, and South Carolina. 11% of my DNA is from Cameroon/Congo.


  •  29% Nigeria
  •  18% Great Britain
  •  13% Ireland
  • 11 More regions
My maternal grandfather came from Sumter, South Carolina, so no surprise where that DNA comes from. He apparently had ancestors who were slaves from the Cameroon/Congo region. My paternal grandfather is a mystery, as my father was raised by his aunt (his birth mother’s sister) and uncle. He never knew his father at all. Is that where the astonishing 6% Scandinavian DNA comes from? What part of Scandinavia do my ancestors come from, Denmark, Norway or Sweden?
I always suspected the Great Britain DNA (18%) and even the Irish DNA, which makes up 13%. I am simply reeling from that Scandinavian percentage. True, it is not very large but it’s more than the mere 2% Asian DNA that Lezlie of Ancestry TV commercial fame so harped on. It’s difficult to find out more about yourself and your family when you really, truly do not know who your real paternal grandfather was. All I know about the man is that he was White. I wish I could discover who he was because it would explain a lot about my father and also about my DNA results, which I’ve shared with my readers below.


Africa – 57%

  • Nigeria – 29%
  • Cameroon/Congo – 11%
  • Ivory Coast/Ghana – 8%
  • Trace Regions – 9%
  • Senegal – 3%
  • Africa North – 2%
  • Mali – 2%
  • Benin/Togo – 1%
  • Africa Southeastern Bantu – 1%
  • Other Regions Tested
  • Africa South-Central Hunter-Gatherers – 0%

America – 0%

  • Other Regions Tested
  • Native American – 0%

Asia – 0%

  • Other Regions Tested
  • Asia East – 0%
  • Asia Central – 0%
  • Asia South – 0%

Europe – 43%

  • Great Britain – 18%
  • Ireland – 13%
  • Scandinavia – 6%
  • Trace Regions – 6%
  • Iberian Peninsula – 3%
  • Europe West – 2%
  • Europe East – 1%
  • Other Regions Tested
  • Italy/Greece – 0%
  • European Jewish – 0%
  • Finland/Northwest Russia – 0%

Pacific Islander – 0%

  • Other Regions Tested
  • Melanesia – 0%
  • Polynesia – 0%

West Asia – 0%

  • Other Regions Tested
  • Caucasus – 0%
  • Middle East – 0%

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