When you Google the word ‘elite’, you will see the following definition:

Elite (sometimes Élite) is a small group of powerful people in political and sociological theory, such as an oligarchy, that controls a disproportionate amount of wealth or political power in society.

To me, the elite comes in many different groups but they are always set apart from others in a way that makes them feel superior and special, such as Mensa, honors societies, Hollywood’s A List, and the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame (though most don’t make it there until after they are dead). All rich people are this way as a matter of course. I have been around them and that is simply how they are.

It is sad that many people simply cannot feel worthy of anything unless they are part of some group. I have never had the longing to be part of a group of people, even when I was a child I did not have such feelings – and by the time I reached my teens, I definitely did not. I started considering myself a Lone Wolf as an adolescent, and have ever since. My motto is basically Fuck People and I just live my life as I see fit. If others don’t like me or my philosophy or how I do things, then fuck ’em.

Jews form the biggest group of elites. This shouldn’t be surprising, if one takes into account the fact that Jews already are a people apart due to the teachings of the Talmud and their own sense of being special in the eyes of their G_d. Muslims are also elitists, as are Christians – it is just the way of those who are religious fanatics. Have a talk with any person you know who is faithful to their belief system and you’ll understand what I mean. Religion brainwashes the sheeple into believing that their church, mosque, synagogue, temple, whatever they call their house of worship, is the best, that they are the only believers who will get into heaven, valhalla, etc,and that all others are doomed for hell.

When I was in school, during the 5th and 6th grades (this was in the days of intermediate, not middle, schools), there was a class for the more academic-minded students called the Gifted & Talented program. Later, it became the Academically Gifted because they finally realized that not every person who is smart has a talent. Except for one (sissyish) Black boy in the 6th grade, the class consisted entirely of Caucasian kids from upper middle class neighborhoods. None of the other students liked them; their term for the students in this class was ‘Genuine Turkeys’. Of course, they were jealous but of what? The fact that these students, who excelled academically, were set apart by the school system thus, the feeling of specialness that came from being smart was reinforced because they were in their own separate class from us ‘dumber’ students.

This leads me to the educated, who are extremely elitist in their snobbery against the uneducated. People with Masters and Ph.Ds aren’t any smarter than anyone else, and often don’t hold better positions or make more money, despite opinions to the contrary. If this were true, ignorant rappers wouldn’t be millionaires living in mansions and driving fancy imports while all those professors and other over-educated idiots live in college funded housing and drive domestic vehicles, if they drive at all. Ivy Leaguers are the biggest and worst of the university elites.

In Europe, class and status is probably worse than in America as they still have royalty and nobility in most of those nations, and these humans – who fart, piss, and shit just like the rest of us, and I’m sure it all stinks same as ours – are considered different due to having titles, being born into wealth and privilege, owning land, being allowed seats in the House of Lords, and all that pomp & circumstance. It’s a damn good thing that the USA doesn’t have all that outmoded silliness because if we did, the Kennedys and the Bushes, among other American gentry, would definitely be part of the aristocracy.

Nobody is any better than anyone else. You are not better than the average Liberian, and the richest Norwegian is not better than someone from Malawi. People cannot help the conditions they were born in any more than a dog can stop getting fleas. Do you honestly believe that Leonardo DiCaprio is better than you are because he’s an overly-paid actor? Do you really think that Queen Elizabeth II is better than you because she was born a Royal Princess in a family with inherited riches? Do you believe that people who are smarter, more affluent, better looking, taller, stronger, blonder, more talented, and with straight teeth so blindingly white are any better than you? If you truly feel that others are better than you for any reason, I feel sorry for you. You are delusional and should seek psychiatric help immediately. I don’t believe that anyone is better than me, not because I have a sense of elitism – it is because no one on earth is better than anyone else. That’s gospel.


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