Revenge is:

  1. 1.
    the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands.
    “other spurned wives have taken public revenge on their husbands”
    synonyms: vengeanceretributionretaliationreprisal, requital, recrimination, an eye for an eye (and a tooth for a tooth), redresssatisfaction

    “she is seeking revenge”
    • verliterary
  1. 1.
    inflict hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong done to (someone else).
    “it’s a pity he chose that way to revenge his sister”

What the definition doesn’t include is that revenge is very sweet. It can also be satisfying for the person seeking revenge to actually exact whatever punishment they deem upon those that injured them. The law is usually not going to do it – often it seems that the justice system is in place for the criminal, not the victim. If someone harms you, forget calling the police or going through the courts. Take matters into your own hands.
You don’t have to get your hands dirty to obtain your revenge. There are plenty of revenge spells that honestly work (but only if you believe that they will) – this way, you enlist the aid of cosmic energy, karma, negative forces, demons, whatever you believe in, to help you get the justice that you rightly deserve. It may not happen overnight but it will happen. Believe me for I have done it many times and I plan to do so again.

Don’t bother praying to God or Jesus Christ or whatever religious being you normally fall on your knees for. If God or Jesus or whomever won’t even help you find a job or pay your light bill or whatnot, how the hell do you think they are going to respond to a prayer for revenge? When you want something done, do it yourself or ask for the help of earthly energy forces that are far more powerful than any mythical entity in the skies. Forget about waiting for something called karma do avenge you, or to be a success because that may never happen and if it does, the person that hurt you may not give a shit. Ignoring someone who hurt you is not smart, it’s a sign a weakness. Strong people forgive? Only fools do, I have been there, tried that and it did not work. I had to avenge myself my own way.
Lucifer’s Touch, knot magick, the Lemon Curse, or any spell involving a black candle or 2 (more if you have them), any oil that you have empowered for anointing the candle(s), and your own intention can work just as well. You may use a photo of the person that hurt you or not, it’s up to you. But if you have something of theirs, know the person’s birthdate and full name, or the name of their business, that is even better. But really, all that is needed is your intention and something, such as candle to burn, to help you concentrate your energy and stay focused. It doesn’t even have to be black, it can be white – but don’t use green, that’s for money lol.

Black or white candle(s), any type of incense will do but especially sandalwood, patchouli or dragon’s blood, and the person’s name written down on a piece of paper, along with the harm s/he has done to you. Focus your hate, anger, etc, as you meditate upon what this person has done to you. Imagine her/him getting their comeuppance for how the person mistreated you. I have done this and it worked: a business owner who cheated me lost one of his businesses as well as his wife, another guy has had bad luck after deceiving me, and a former boss was stricken with cancer, though she battled it and won (hell, I hadn’t tried to take the bitch’s life anyway).
I even hexed a government agency and won a very troublesome war that I would otherwise have lost because one rarely wins against any agency of the Gestapo government. Don’t be afraid of Karma or scared that some being you can’t even see will suddenly appear to punish you. It doesn’t work like that. After all, you’re not doing these spells just for the fun of it. You are performing rituals to exact revenge on those who have wronged you, who have hurt you in some way. But it’s really up to you. If you prefer to pray to God or Jesus or Allah or Buddha or whomever, that’s certainly your prerogative. But if you truly desire results, you will call upon the powers of the forces of the earth.


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