India is one country that I will never visit. Forget seeing the Taj Mahal in all its splendor. Forget walking the streets of New Dehli or climbing the peaks of Mount Pandim. It simply will never happen. Why? Mainly because Indian people are so deeply prejudiced. True, I may not have any problems because my complexion is fair, and they love light skin (though most of them are dark – as Denzel Washington’s character pointed out in Mississippi Masala, ‘Blacker than the Ace of Spades’.

However, I am a woman and Indian men are extremely sexist. To top it off, the cities are filthy cesspools that any normal, sane tourist would shy away from anyhow. Hell, I love my creature comforts which is why I prefer to visit Europe and (soon) the Caribbean, though I hope to get to Nigeria in a few years since that is where the largest percentage of my ancestral DNA comes from.

Asians like the Chinese, Koreans, etc, are made fun of in India, called such names as ‘Chinkee’, and some have even been attacked and murdered. Same with Africans who are called ‘Hapshees’ and routinely referred to as ‘monkeys’. Even Indians from other states despise each other based on color. India’s Untouchables are usually very dark, whilst the upper classes – Brahmin – are normally quite fair. Indians desire light complexions so much that they worship Whites as much as other Asians do.

You can see racism even in those Indians who are living now in America. Whites call them ‘wogs’ and  ‘dot heads’ – believe me, I have heard this, definitely from my boyfriend, who detests most foreigners and has even made fun of those with British or Australian accents – and while Whites will accept Indians more quickly than they will Blacks, not too many here in the South will. I once saw an Indian woman married to a White man when I worked in the NICU of a local hospital, and neither mother looked very happy when they came to see the baby even though it was a much-lauded boy.

Watch any film by M. Night Shyamalan and what types of people will you see in the major roles? White of course! The darkest people in his movies are always his Indian relatives and friends, and even himself in some roles (much like Stephen King in those – usually awful – films that are made from his books). His first 2 movies – he actually starred in the first one! – were no budget duds. But then he did The Sixth Sense and lo & behold, that is the one which vaulted this Indian-American filmmaker to the top of the movie charts.

Although he gets Samuel L. Jackson in his film effort that followed the one about the little boy who saw dead White people, it – Unbreakable – was pretty much a box office bomb. I guess he figured that movies with big roles for Black Americans wouldn’t work so he has pretty much stuck with Whites ever since. Case in point? The Last Airbender, a film I never heard of until I did some research for this post. Shyamalan wanted only White actors for the main roles and even roles that should have been cast with, according to many, ethnic talent.”I’m non-White, therefore this film can’t possibly be racist” is how Shyamalan defended his decision. But when one looks at any movie of his, the major roles feature Caucasians!

Ever read the book Queenie by Michael Korda, or watched the mini-series of the same title? Anglo Indian (Chi Chi) Queenie Kelly flees India for London, has her dark-skinned uncle murdered – or kills him herself – and then transforms herself into Dawn Avalon, star of the stage and screen. It was a pretty bad book in my opinion. I tried to read it but simply could not summon up any feelings for the main character because she was not a sympathetic being. I hated her and her aspirations to be as White and as English as possible.

Mahatma Gandhi called the Blacks of South Africa ‘lazy’ and ‘indolent’, among other things (this is a man that Winston Churchill referred to as a ‘naked fakir’). That caste system of India is like this: Very light at the top, and extremely dark at the bottom, with other skin shades in between, going from the lightest to the darkest, from top to bottom. I am sure British Colonialism did not help matters any. It is a great sorrow that so many dark-skinned people in this world must feel that they are somehow inferior because their skin is not light. Light skin – and specially White skin – has hardly any natural sun protection. Whites are as pigmentally challenged as Albinos.

White people age very badly – by the time they are 50, most of them appear 10 or even 15 years older as a result of damage. My boyfriend is a few years younger than I am but he can only pass as younger when he’s wearing a hat, which hides the deep forehead lines and doesn’t show his Crow’s Feet as much. I don’t have forehead wrinkles or Crow’s Feet and I never shall even though my skin is light, because I take care of myself and I come from people whose skin doesn’t age much. Thank the Goddess. I really do not see the fascination for White skin and I am damn glad I am not Caucasian.


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