Why is it that Black people, even when educated to a T, sound ghetto and ignorant?  Why do Blacks have such distinctive voices while other races, when they speak English, sound ‘White’?  Why do Blacks speak Ebonics?  It makes me cringe to hear people use Ebonics and feel proud to actually talk that way. It’s as dumb-sounding to me as any thick regional accent, but worse because it’s used only by Blacks and by those who are around Black people so much that they take on the Ebonics speech.

I have been trying to figure this out but I can’t. It’s very hard. I know I sound Southern, that is the region I was born and raised in, and where I live now. It’s difficult not to be affected by the speech patterns, colloquialisms, and accents of others – this is why, when a person moves from one country to another, she will after a time take on the speech patterns of the population that surrounds her.

You can listen to non-Whites on the radio or over the telephone and when they speak perfect English, they sound…well, White. Blacks are the only people I have ever heard whose race I can pick just from hearing them speak. It is surprising when you hear someone speak and you think it’s a White guy, but then you see the person and he’s actually Black.


Sure, White people use slang and pronounce words in certain ways…but what I am writing about here is how Blacks tend to sound dumb and ‘hood’…a White may live in trailer but you cannot usually tell that by their speech. At any rate, there are wealthy and even educated Whites who sound like ‘hicks’ – if you don’t believe me, watch any episode of ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ or ‘Duck Dynasty’ or listen to a speech by former President Bill Clinton.

Yet White people sound the same, whether they have a Texas accent, Yankee accent, or Mid-Western. Asians are the same, and when they speak American English, ditto for Hispanics. You cannot tell an Asian or a Hispanic or even a Native American from a White person when they all speak English with no foreign accent. Yet you can tell a Black person due to the distinctive ‘Black’ voice!

It is a wonder to me that Blacks have the most different hair as well as the most different voices. True, there are some Blacks who do sound White, particularly those who were raised by Caucasians or grew up in predominantly White neighborhoods. But even so, most of them still have that distinctive voice. Many Blacks are proud of Ebonics and being so different. But it only makes other groups of people look at Blacks and see a population hell-bent on keeping themselves mired in ignorance, stupidity, and hood behavior,


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