A 2012 survey revealed that the poorer a Black or other non-White was, the more likely they were to identify as LGBT. Affluent Whites were less likely to consider themselves homosexual or lesbian. There are far more gay Blacks here in America than there are gay Whites, Asians, or Hispanics of any race. Why is this so? I am shaking my head at this bit of news, not that it’s really very surprising. For years, I have noticed that there tend to be a great number of very gay – flaming fag types like the figure skater Johnny Weir(d) for example – individuals within the Black community, not to mention a high percentage of studs (bull dykes or butch women who, if it weren’t for their breasts, appear as manly as any hard-faced construction worker).

Of course, the study pissed off a lot of people, presumably those of color, but it’s simply another one of those facts of life that one must deal with. As I wrote above, I have noticed this for quite a long time in my hometown and other cities in this state. There are a lot of swishy Black men around, and a huge amount of butch Black women. When I was a kid, I didn’t even know there was any such creature as a gay White person and I was shocked when I eventually saw some – Boy George did not count as he’s British and most of the guys across the pond tend to be on the poofter side anyway.

Gallup survey

For years, the belief has been that Black men were, and are, far more masculine than White men. Growing up, I even had this opinion because Black men had deeper voices – even the children – and seemed more aggressive, whilst White boys had high voices, sometimes even sounding like girls, and White men appear softer and usually, fruity in most ways. I have even seen White men with slightly effeminate mannerisms, or those tho dragged their voices when they talked – much in the same way a lot of gays tend to.

I wonder now, with all the obvious freaks in the Black community mincing about, if being raised in single mother households was the reason for the rampant homosexuality. It can’t be the fact there are high numbers of young Black males incarcerated – everyone knows that most male prisoners engage in homosexual activity, and claiming they are heterosexual while doing so. Bisexual is more like it. Black women, and other females of color, are not as likely to identify with the LGBT nation as are Black men and other minority males…this is also something I have seen in my current city.

Is widespread bisexuality among Black males the reason for the high incidence of HIV/AIDS in the Black community in America? I am afraid to date any Black man who has been incarcerated and I can’t understand the thousands, possibly millions, of Black women who date Black ex-felons. Do they know where the penises of those men have been? Think about how gays perform sexual activity – hell, I shudder to even imagine that disgusting scene. I had 2 boyfriends who desired that particular kink, and the reason I broke up with them is because of it.

I don’t understand the trend, but it’s happening. Look at any Black male hairstylist – nearly all of them are juicy fruits and aren’t ashamed to admit it. Most Black churches aren’t accepting of homosexuality however – it is the progressive, overly liberal and mostly White churches that embrace the Rainbow lifestyle. I know because I attend such a church from time to time, mainly because they never beg for money or try to force one to become ‘born again’ and ‘saved’ and all that whatnot. I am not religious other than to pray sometime to a Creatrix, and I don’t feel that there is a moral issue here. It is simply a question of what one chooses as far as sexuality, which to my mind is a private, personal problem and not one that should be political, civil, or otherwise.


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