I have never agreed with that old chestnut blondes have more fun, mainly because I am not and never will be blond (except wearing a wig or bleaching my hair, which would only cause it to dry out more and break off, but also because I do not find blond people to be that attractive. I marvel that anyone does, especially blond men. I think I have a prejudice against blonds because of the Nazi preference for them and this is why, when I see a very blond person, I refer to her/him as a ‘Nazi God(dess)’ or even ‘Himmler’s Vision of Germany’.

Do gentlemen prefer blondes? This is another cliche I do not agree with. I have dated guys who did not find blonde women pretty. In fact, many people of both sexes say that blonds are bland, and that without make up, the women are quite plain. The men can be downright ugly. Have you ever been to the Netherlands? There are a lot of flaxen headed people there, more so than in Germany for instance, and they are not, on the whole, what one would call a nation of very eye-catching people.

As a matter of fact, I find the fair heads of Europe to be even less appealing than American blonds. I’m not sure why. And the blonder a person is, the more homely his/her appearance. Blonds have barely noticeable eyebrows, eyelashes, and just look so washed out…colorless…pale and plain.

Everyone has their own standards of attractiveness and mine tend to be more towards the old tall, dark, and handsome…even though I’m currently involved with a guy who is anything but! He even was blond as a child, though not very Nordic looking, and his eyebrows never darkened much. They get lighter every summer. Yet his hair remains light brown. Prince Charles was a blond child but his hair darkened over the years of his youth until it became the deep brown it is today. He is a very well known example of a White man with a strong preference for golden-haired females. Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, has never been a pretty woman…blondes tend to grow even uglier with age.

I think a lot of non-White men are entranced by blonde women because most non-White women tend to have very dark hair. An exception would be the Australian aborigines, who are often blond as children. But they are not what I would consider a striking race of people.

Flaxen hair on its own can be beautiful, and there are many angelic-faced children with that type of hair…but the tow-heads are not as cute. Not to me. Sure, there are plenty of blonds who are very good looking, but that is the exception more than the norm. I guess I do have a bias against golden hair that goes back to childhood, when most dolls had yellow hair. (I have, to my dismay, found out that this still true today!)

What is it about blond hair that stirs the heart of so many? Why is it that the Nazis believed the Nordic Ideal to be a tall, athletic blond? I have never understood this especially since most of the top Nazis, including Hitler himself, were anything but that ideal. Even light eyes are not stunning, not to me. I like light eyes on dark-haired people, but when I see a blue-eyed blond, I see a Nazi. Maybe I am a little bigoted eh? How can any adult person be so fixated on a certain type, such as a blond, I can not fathom. Hell, there are even redheads more appealing and the tawny-haired usually are the lest attractive of Whites. I do believe a lot of non-Whites’ preoccupation with blonds is because there are no natural blonds that are of color.


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