Weaves, wigs, fake nails, fake eye colors, and now even fake complexions! What is the world coming to? What is it with Black women and all that fakery? Is this why a lot of Black men prefer to date & marry other types of women? I am sitting here trying to puzzle it out but I’m failing miserably. Nearly every Black female I see in my hometown and even on Facebook profiles sport fake hair or nails. I have even met some wearing light-colored contact lenses, and on Youtube there is a video of a Black woman who had her eyes surgically changed from brown to blue. Yes, you read that right. People are dropping 3 – 5 grand to permanently change their eye color. Will the insanity ever stop? I mean, why are blue eyes considered so pretty? I always considered them ugly and still do even though my boyfriend has bluish eyes (they are probably more gray than blue). Eye Color Surgery.

It is true that White women are just as fake, at least where the breasts are concerned. White women love to be as bony as possible, yet they will still have a set of perky breasts to bounce around for White men to gaze at. And believe me, White men will do it because most of them have a tit fixation – they will stare right at your breasts even when they are talking to you. It’s happened to me before as well as female relatives. Maybe White men’s breast fetish is the reason so many White women desire larger breasts and will undergo plastic surgery to get them.

Black women’s main problem is their hair. That is our main beef with whoever created us…our nappy ass hair. It is why we have spent billions of dollars over the years on relaxers, texturizers, wigs, and weaves – and why a number of us still do, despite the Natural Hair Movement. Black hair isn’t easy to care for, I don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone says. It is difficult to manage and I wish mine was as straight as an Indian’s but I guess my DNA reveals why my hair is as woolly and as awful as it – it’s the curse of all that African blood (see my post The Curse of Ham)!

However, I would much rather be natural than wear weaves or wigs. Black women don’t even look good with that crap. I mean, human hair wigs and weaves are someone else’s hair! Yeah, you may have bought it but the truth of the matter is, it came from the head of some other woman! And it stinks when you sweat or get it wet…human hair weaves and wigs give off this terrible odor that is hard to stomach. I have had weaves in the past, as well as 2 human hair wigs, so I know of what I write. The hair would have this funky smell and I’d have to shampoo it often to keep it fresh – same reason White people must wash theirs daily. I don’t know why, but the straighter hair of non-Blacks smells worse than the curly, kinky hair we feel ourselves are cursed with.

Hair is the obsession of the Black female. They blog about it, talk about it, sing about it, laugh about it, and cry about it. It is pitiful that society has turned us into these neurotic crazies whose crowning glory is anything but. The false fingernails come second. Most Black women cannot go a week without paying some Korean to use that vile-smelling stuff to put fake nails over their own shorter nails. But hair is the number 1 obsession of us women period, and for Black women, doubly so. We spend more time and money on our nappy heads than others do on theirs, probably because our hair is so difficult to take care of in it’s natural state. It’s a bit cheaper to care for relaxed hair.

Lots of men despise fake hair on women. My boyfriend used to believe, until he started dating me, that all Black women wore wigs. He honestly believed that Black women couldn’t grow long hair! It really seems that this is true, from all the lace front wigs and weaves one sees, not just on celebrities, but on regular women walking down the street, or shopping in stores, or waiting on you at the cash register. I have heard Black men say that they would rather date a woman with ‘real hair’, and I have read blogs and posts on forums where the same view was shared. Maybe this is one reason that some Black men would rather not date Black women although to put all of us in the same basket is shitty – especially when Black women usually prefer to date Black men over others. Maybe if the Natural Hair Movement takes over until relaxers are gone from store shelves, while wigs & weaves vanish from sight, more Eurocentric Black males will realize that their own women are beautiful after all.


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