I have a no account relative who will not work to save his life. He lives off the largesse of his aunt and grandmother, especially the latter – he has lived on his own approximately twice (I don’t count the time he was in the Air Force because you’re in a barracks with others being taken care of by the US government, at taxpayers’ expense no doubt). This is a grown man in his 30s, no children, with a girlfriend who is pretty much on her own; I think she lives with roommates. He simply will not work!

His excuse for not being able to find a job? Racism. Of course, that is what Blacks always say when they need an excuse for their own sorriness. That’s the same as White people using mental illness as an excuse – and yes, I will explore that more fully in a future post. This adult male spent a few years in the Air Force, used the GI Bill to finance his education at a local HBCU where he received a BA in Communications or Journalism, I forget which. He had an internship at a local radio station which is heavy on Conservative talk shows – you know the type – which led to a full time position. He left this job when he joined the police academy.

The idiot was kicked out of the police academy only 2 months or so before graduation because he was caught drinking & driving, with a concealed firearm under his seat that he had a permit for, which he told the state trooper about for some stupid reason. The guy hadn’t even asked and did not search the car, so why the damn fool told him about the gun remains a mystery to me. At any rate, he was convicted of the DUI and other charges, so now a really good job is out of the question because most employers in this area will hold even misdemeanors against you (this effectively keeps Black men unemployed which is why so many of them wind up selling drugs).

So Mr. Lazy goes back to school to obtain a Masters in Library Science. Of course, he cannot get even an assistant position within the library system here because of his record. He relocated to New Jersey last year and was gone maybe 2 months before he came running back to North Carolina and his grandmother with his tail tucked between his legs. He used to be in shape but due to inactivity has grown slightly overweight, he drinks like a fish, and the only time he goes anywhere is to be with his girlfriend, who lives half an hour away so you know who’s paying for his gas, or to hang out with the homeless guys in a local park.

He has had perhaps 7 jobs in his entire adult life and quit every last one of them, except the customer service position that was supposed to be temp to perm. They simply did not find him a good fit, and I also believe his record had something to do with his not being offered a permanent position with the company. At any rate, he has a spotty work history and that’s something employers look at too. He can’t even go back into the military, an option he was considering – and which I feel is just a cop out. He is a prime example of the Lazy Black Male, a syndrome suffered by more than 75% of Black men in this area. It may be worse nationwide. Black men simply do not want to work. They will use any excuse to stay away from employment, playing the Race Card at every opportunity just like this work-shy creature.

Black men will live off their women any chance they get, like this sorry ass, miserable excuse for a human being. He ought to be ashamed of himself, living off of his aunt and grandmother, but he’s not it seems. And who is financing his drinking habit? Why would an over-educated cretin like this want to hang out in a park with homeless guys, even holding a cook out for them, complete with alcohol? I can only shake my head in disbelief at his behavior. He is a very negative person, and I have learned that negative people draw negativity to themselves, as they will to you if you hang around them enough. My boyfriend is also quite negative which is why positive things rarely happen for him. You just can’t hold those types of thoughts all the time, it’s not healthy at all. Most of the people in my family are so negative that I avoid them like the plague. I have enough poison in my life to last me an eternity, thank you very much.

Hey, cuz – get off your sorry Black ass and get a damn job. And try keeping it for a year at least, for once in your no account, drunken life!


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