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I have a deep admiration for the Amish people. Despite the lure of modern life, they have for the most part remained true to their roots and to their beliefs, which can be seen as quite contrary at times, But once you really think about it, you come to realize that sometimes the Elders make the best decisions regarding life.

The Amish are a humble people. They are not flashy, out to impress the neighbors or even strangers. You don’t see them putting on airs for anybody. Humility is a trait all Christians should have, but they don’t. The Amish are some of the few Christians in this country who actually practice what they preach when it comes to being modest.

The Amish have faith. I wish my own faith – well, when I even bother to do my Pagan rituals – was as strong. They are so faithful that it kind of seems weird, because I am so used to people professing to be Christians and then turning out to behave like they are anything but.

The Amish dress in a plain fashion, without the frills and designs and other accoutrements of worldly peoples. This goes back to being humble and modest and I like it. I think I will start dressing in a similar manner someday soon.

he Amish reject most modes of transportation outside of horse-drawn buggies, bicycles, and one’s own two feet. I hate driving, I honestly despise it. When my license expires in a little less than 2 years, I don’t plan to renew it. I shall move to the country and get a horse or two. Or three. I always loved horses and used to yearn for the days of the horse and carriage.

The Amish don’t use electronic gizmos. Goddess, save me from this laptop computer! Here is one aspect of Amish life that would be difficult for me to incorporate into my own life, addicted as I am to the Internet and blogging and all the headaches that come with it. I don’t think I can give this one up so easily.

The Amish4

The Amish are not a part of American culture. They are a people apart. I often think that Blacks are the most separated from other Americans, but that isn’t true at all. It is the Amish, and they are lucky to be off doing their own thing. They lead a better lifestyle than the rest of us, a lifestyle that I long to join them in living.

The Amish take care of their elderly. Rather than chucking Mom and Dad into an old folk’s home the way the non-Amish (English) typically do, they build a Dawdi Haus on the property and that is where Mom and Dad live once they retire. They receive no social security from the US government the way non-Amish people do.

Shows like ‘Amish Mafia’, ‘Return to Amish’, and ‘Breaking Amish’ are mostly fake, probably mostly bullshit in fact. No self-respecting Amish person will appear on video, that’s the same as having photos taken and they believe that this is idolatry. Also, I have researched some of them and yes, they are made up, scripted crap like all the rest of that ‘reality’ vomit. I haven’t watched any of these shows and never will.

I feel sorry for those Amish youth who, once their Rumspringa is over, decide that they would rather live as ‘English’ than Amish. They truly do not know the hell that they are getting themselves into.


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