Truthfully, I can’t stand the taste of milk. I never have although I used to like drinking it whenever we had cookies, which was rather often. I mainly preferred to have milk with cereal – I never drank it just to have a glass of milk, or to have it with a sandwich or a meal for instance. Ugh! In school, I always chose chocolate milk – just like everyone else aside from those who were allergic to chocolate, or to milk, or simply did not like chocolate milk for whatever reason.

The dairy industry spends millions, possibly billions, in an effort to keep us drinking milk when in fact, it is not healthy for us humans. Cow’s milk was designed for calves – period. Human milk was designed for human babies – period. Goat’s milk is for kid goats. Only infants require milk for their nutritional needs. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Why do you think 65% of adult humans develop lactose intolerance after infancy? More than 90% of East Asians are affected and nearly 80% of Blacks. That should be proof enough that grownups don’t need to consume milk for protein! Eat some cheese or yogurt if you really need some form of milk in your belly.

White people enjoy their milk and they do not want to give it up, no matter what studies may reveal about the harmful nature of the stuff. They promote it – they give it to their children to drink with meals and they even drink it themselves. My boyfriend cannot eat cookies without a cup of milk, which he uses as a ‘dunk’ for the cookies to soften them. Then he drinks the rest of the milk, cookie crumbles and all. I have started buying the Lactose Free version because I got so tired of him farting and getting the ‘runs’ from his milk drinking.

Scientists have begun calling the ability to digest milk ‘lactase persistence’ because they say that calling the inability to digest it ‘lactose intolerance’ implies that the inability is a disease, which in fact it is so common as to be a universal trait. Being able to digest milk, they say, is what is so strange. The truth of the matter is, being able to digest milk is more common in Scandinavia, Ireland, and the Netherlands – nations that are bi on dairy farming – than in other countries. Native Americans have a zero tolerance for diary products. Even with Mediterranean types, lactose tolerance is only at 50%.

Lactose Free milks are okay but they still have that icky milk taste that I have never cared for. I much prefer the milk alternatives such as almond, rice, or soy. There are also coconut, hemp, and even milks created from other grain sources like quinoa, oat, and 7 grains which include wheat and barley. I am not sure how that stuff would taste, but I find the taste of almond and rice milks quite acceptable and as for soy, the sweetened kind is very good with Grape Nuts, which I buy a few times a year after overdosing on sugary cereals.

The dairy industry is losing money and they’re scared. That old Got Milk? campaign has been used and abused to death. They’ve got to come up with something better and believe me, they will and those milk-loving diehards will continue to support that outdated myth of milk drinking by buying more and more cow’s milk. Sheeple, please – stop it and your health will improve. I should know as I no longer have the problems with mucus-forming that I once had when I used powdered skim milk.


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