I cannot understand the Caucasian fascination for Asian people. The art and some of the culture can be okay and while the food tends to be mostly vegetables and meat in a sauce dumped on top of white rice or noodles, I find the Westernized versions mostly edible. Asian languages, however, are not at all pleasing to the ear, so you will never find me trying to learn Mandarin or Korean or even Hindi.

What astonishes me is how attracted White people are to Asians, especially White men. They have a case of Yellow Fever so strong it simply cannot be denied. You always see these ugly old White guys with young Asian chicks, many of whom just can’t be called even cute but they are always skinny and I guess that’s why White men love them so. They tend to favor women with girlish, even boyish, builds when they aren’t into large breasts. Why White men prefer bony bodies is beyond me, but that is how most of them are.

I have even seen White women with Asian men. Judge Ito’s wife is White, Bruce Lee obviously had some White broads in his time, and I have seen a few Asian Man-White Woman couples in my city but not as many White Man-Asian Woman pairings. You also see a lot of White families with adopted Asian children – why people wish to adopt foreign babies is something else I can’t understand, as I am sure there are plenty of American babies and children who need homes.

I admit that I have a sort of prejudice against Asians because of the Thai students when I was in elementary school and also because of all the articles on Asian racism that I have read on the ‘Net. I know there are Asians out there who are more open-minded than any Southern White, and there are Asians who do not worship Caucasians as the Ideal Beauty Standard. I have never, however, had an Asian friend or even one I would consider an acquaintance. I don’t make friends easily and I’ve always had a sort of xenophobia towards foreigners, I am not sure why since I liked the Greek American kids I had as classmates. I liked them much better than I did the White Americans in fact.

Where I live, Asians have generally been more accepted by the Whites. They are welcomed into White neighborhoods, they can make friends with Whites, and they certainly emulate Whites in their behavior, attitudes, manner of dress, and way of life. Blacks have never been so accepted, and neither have most Hispanics – except those with a White appearance of course. At least, that is how it is where I live. Although Whites are rather friendly towards Indians, and those people tend to be brown, some of them even darker than Blacks. When I worked at a local hospital in the NICU, there was an Indian woman with a White husband and boy, were the mothers not happy about that! They couldn’t even smile at the baby when they came to see it in the NICU.

Even in Europe, I noticed a lot of White Male-Asian Female pairings, particularly in Holland the Czech Republic, of all places. There were far more Asians in Germany in 2010 than there had been in 2001, shockingly so. They had businesses and everything. These were not just Southeast Asians, a lot of them were Japanese even. Some of them that I came across in Berlin were actually thuggish and I believe they were gang-bangers. Wouldn’t surprise me, Europe has gone completely to shit with a Muslim mayor in London, terrorists bombing and shooting every month, and all sorts of nastiness. It will be a cold day in Hell before I ever go back to that continent for vacation!

At my age, I will probably never get over my slight aversion to Asian people. I just don’t like being around them very much, same as being around a group of White people or Hispanics. I always have a feeling of unease when I’m the only Black person in a group. This is probably one symptom of having had to grow up in the South and in America. That is simply another manifestation of American life.


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