1. Kinky, woolly, nappy, coarse brillo hair

  2. Ebonics

  3. Crime committed disproportionate to the Black population

  4. They are the worlds most despised group of people

  5. 75% or higher of Black men are criminal-minded thugs

  6. 50% or higher of Black women have babies out of wedlock

  7. They have the worst racial slurs of any ethnicity

  8. Employers would rather hire illegal aliens than Blacks

  9. Most Blacks have a violent, frightening nature

  10. 90% of Black women are Drama Queens

  11. Black men are the world’s least educated

  12. Intellectual pursuits seem to be beyond Black comprehension

  13. Everything positive that’s happened for Blacks has been at the behest of Whitey

  14. More Blacks resemble primates than any other racial group

  15. Most Black men aren’t great husband material

  16. Inert laziness that is apparently genetic

  17. They’d rather listen to (c)rap than read

  18. Death by White Supremacy – lynch mobs, KKK, skinheads, etc

  19. Blacks appear to have more misfortune than other races

  20. Even the sexist writers of the Bible considered Blacks ugly and inferior

  21. A sub culture that preaches hatred of women in (c)rap/hip hop

  22. Most Blacks would rather steal or sell drugs than work honest jobs

  23. Enslaved by own people in Africa, Arabs in the Middle East, and Whitey in the New World

  24. They thrive in ghetto/project environments

  25. They believe whole-heartedly in Whitey’s FairyTale of Christianity

  26. While other non-whites are accepted into Ivory Society, Blacks are yet shunned

  27. Blacks keep kissing Whitey’s pale, flat ass

  28. Some Blacks have unnattractive mouths – a dark upper lip and a pink lower

  29. AIDS

  30. Obese Blacks look remarkably like gorillas

  31. Black history is mostly shameful

  32. Africa is rich in resources, poor in all else particularly intelligent people

  33. Blacks love Pepsi & fruit-flavored sodas because they’re sweet-tasting

  34. Blacks are very immature

  35. Invented (c)rap, an awful form of so-called music

  36. Value cars & other material goods over a decent education

  37. Black behavior after Hurricane Katrina is enough to make one puke

  38. Overly superstitious & ignorant

  39. Prison: The Black man’s home away from home

  40. Have bad health but refuse to change their dietary habits even when the doctor orders it

  41. Die younger than do whites

  42. American Black behavior is especially embarrassing

  43. Black people have attitudes bigger than Black women’s asses

  44. Countries run by Blacks are poor – just look at Haiti

  45. Scared of animals, cats in particular

  46. Tend to have a strong musky body odor

  47. Can have dark skin and yet pale palms

  48. Seem incapable of learning unless they have white or other non-black blood

  49. They brown-nose when to Boss Whitey, they will always be niggers, coons, blackies, etc

  50. Have a habit of calling classy, more attractive, and smarter Blacks ‘Oreos’ and ‘Junior Mints

  51. Fearful of venturing outside their comfort zones

  52. They are jealous of those who are biracial, lighter-skinned/eyed, with ‘good hair’, White features

  53. Superlips

  54. They drive cars with rims that cost more than did the cars

  55. Play their music too damn LOUD

  56. They make some of the worst neighbors (you know who are the other bad neighbors)

  57. They curse and yell at their children

  58. Seem to prefer being told what to do, then having the authority to command others

  59. Highest unemployment rates

  60. A high percentage of Black men have AIDS

  61. Lots of queer Black men act like women – example is Tyler Perry

  62. They are actually proud to speak Ebonics and term it Black English

  63. They don’t know how to treat pets properly even when they have them

  64. Africa is backward and mostly undeveloped

  65. Black men wear baggy prison-evolved styles as if that’s something to be proud of

  66. Blacks bring up slavery as much as Jews bring up the Holocaust

  67. Blacks suffer from obesity more so than other racial groups

  68. Sickle Cell Anemia

  69. Blacks blame racism for every little slight when they should blame only themselves

  70. They prefer violence in their songs, when they aren’t harping on materialism

  71. Black writers aren’t as good as Whitey

  72. Black books glorify the same negative subjects as do (c)rap and hip hop

  73. Black men tend to use women for sex more than the others do

  74. Blacks aren’t good at trivia – watch Jeopardy for a month and you’ll find out

  75. Blacks brag on Egyptian accomplishments when those people are ARABIC, not Black

  76. Michael Jackson

  77. You see more homeless Blacks than any other race

  78. Black teachers favor white children, especially the little white girls

  79. Greasy food which often is what’s helping them to an early grave

  80. Not being able to swim

  81. Paris Hilton & Stephen King hate them

  82. Whitey sends jobs to Asian countries but never to Black countries

  83. Blacky childishly crave attention from anybody, especially Whitey

  84. Black bosses are usually harder on other Blacks than non-blacks

  85. Wiggers like Eminem, who do not want to be Black

  86. Obama’s run of failures as the first Black President (and probably the last)

  87. They vote Democrat even though Deomocrats don’t like Blacks either

  88. Nature scares the hell out of them

  89. Black men ass kiss with non-whites more than Black women

  90. Whitey still keeps dead Blacky out of their cemeteries

  91. Blacks aren’t good enough unless they’re in Oprah Winfrey’s league, and she’s still a coal drop

  92. Blacks would rather kill each other than help each other

  93. Wherever they go, they don’t know how to act in a respectful manner

  94. Where are all the Black mathematicians, scientists, economists, etc?

  95. Whitey re-segregated the schools to keep vicious Blacks away from their precious offspring

  96. Black men treat Black women like shit, but non-Black women like Goddesses

  97. Even thuggish Hispanics don’t want Blacks around

  98. Biracial people who look white, like Jennifer Beals, prefer their Ivory Half

  99. Whitey still doesn’t want Blacky in their churches yet welcome other non-whites with open arms

  100. Black women destroy their natural-given beauty by chemically altering their hair to fit in with Ivory Society’s notion of beauty, get European hair weaves, and wear false nails


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