1. Their hair stinks like dog when wet

  2. Love to kiss their pets, especially dogs

  3. Have a special place in their heart for the ‘Good Ol Days’

  4. Ugly pale skin that shows their veins very clearly

  5. White men kill their families & selves when they lose jobs or go bankrupt

  6. OMG, they can’t dance, LOL

  7. Have the flattest asses ever seen

  8. Freckles 

  9. They tend to murder their own kids but say Blacks do

  10. A lot of them look 60 when they’re 50

  11. They lack common sense

  12. Most serial killers are white men

  13. The majority of whites have Yellow Fever

  14. Most whities are pigeon-toed

  15. They are the most hateful race on earth

  16. A lot of whites have the ugliest big noses

  17. 99% of them are Tea Baggers at heart

  18. Flat lips – when they have any at all

  19. White men have a big taste for jail bait

  20. They smell like bologna & other cold cuts (I don’t know why)

  21. They tend to enjoy eating strange foods like sushi

  22. Wrinkles!!!!!

  23. They have a warped sense of humor

  24. White boys can’t rap

  25. Age spots

  26. Only a small percentage can naturally sing

  27. They can act really well because they are born liars

  28. White men tend to be more perverted than others

  29. Their hair is such that they must shampoo daily

  30. They are sex crazed

  31. White women typically wear the pants in the households

  32. They think every non-white man wants a white woman

  33. Most negative shit was dreamed up by a whitey

  34. They get emotional over issues that don’t concern them

  35. White women are lazy, that’s why they hire maid services to clean their homes

  36. They worship money

  37. They have truly fucked up this world

  38. Penis size comes in one size for vanilla – small

  39. They are just as redneck out of the South as in it

  40. White men, particularly of the middle class, are usually dorky

  41. They don’t have a variety of hairstyles

  42. They laugh with you, then laugh at you behind your back

  43. Status is extremely important to them

  44. White children run their parents

  45. They harp on the accomplishments of their ancestors as if that makes them important

  46. Certain types of whities glorify the KKK & other White Supremacy groups

  47. They love bangs – even the men wear bangs like children

  48. Liberal whites are such sickening do-gooders

  49. White women generally can’t cook, hence all the white male celebrity chefs

  50. They believe in their alleged superiority because they are actually physically inferior


  51. Whitey loves Mtn Dew and similar tasting sodas

  52. Blue eyes – need I write more?

  53. They love dogs, more so than they do people

  54. They put racist assholes like Ronald Reagan on a pedestal

  55. Clods like Bill O’ Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, et al

  56. They adopt Chinese daughters over American orphans

  57. Bruises are extra ugly on their ivory flesh

  58. They tend to go gray at a youthful age

  59. They look down on other races, especially blacks & other dark-skinned types

  60. Whities drink liquor like fish drink water

  61. They actually think Britney Spears has talent

  62. Adolf Hitler, Attila the Hun, Joseph Stalin, etc

  63. They have quite unattractive hands

  64. They want everything to go their way

  65. Stringy hair they can’t do a damn thing with (yet they make fun of ours)

  66. They ruined rock-n-roll the way they ruin all else

  67. Crows Feet

  68. White men brought this country to financial ruin yet they love to blame Obama

  69. White men have a goofy walk, they can’t walk in a cool manner

  70. They do all they can to keep other races oppressed

  71. If whitey had kept their ivory butts in Europe, the world wouldn’t be in such a hot mess

  72. Turkey wattle

  73. They are beyond competitive and kill themselves by driving trying to race others

  74. They look incredibly nasty when sunburned

  75. They believe only whites can be beautiful

  76. They don’t wear stylish clothing

  77. Quentin Tarantino, who always uses the N word in his suck ass movies

  78. They engage in extreme ‘sports’ because of their stupidity

  79. They behave as if they’re the only race who can do anything

  80. They get forehead lines when they’re teenagers

  81. They steal for the hell of it, not because they are needy

  82. They impatiently wait for their parents to die so they can inherit what’s left

  83. They wear shoes out till they have holes in the soles

  84. They always try to imitate other races because they are so un-original

  85. Eminem

  86. They love being tan but would not want to be any other color than white

  87. They don’t grieve the same as other races, they tend to be rather cold

  88. They are clannish about their precious neighborhoods

  89. White women will let anything with a dick screw them

  90. If heaven exists, evil whitey won’t be there – hooray

  91. They drink caffeinated coffee all damn day

  92. They are always being haunted, possessed & oppressed

  93. They usually drive the nerdiest, geekiest cars

  94. Whities have a better than 90% chance of being the victim of a serial killer

  95. Some white people are so pale, they look as if they may glow when night falls

  96. White men will stick their needle dicks into anything with a hole

  97. They are the worst drivers ever encountered

  98. Their shit stinks worse than other races – ask black janitors

  99. Blonds tend to have a sour, cheesy odor

  100. They teach racism to their kids, perpetuating bigotry for years to come


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