1. It’s hard to tell some types of Asians from another

2. Most Asian cultures are more racist than a Neo Nazi

3. Asian men have boyishly thin, un-sexy physiques.

4. They tend to stink like that weird food they eat

5. They’re mean ass people

6. Assumed to be crime-free but they do commit crimes

7. There’s far too many of them

8. Generally quite ugly people

9. Ugly Asian women become mail order brides to ugly old White men

10. Green tea drinkers

11. The Asian race is mostly homely compared with others

12. They are smart but look like…aliens

13. Asian men are nerds

14. Most Asians are squat

15. They pee & poop into holes and consider it hygienic

16. The Chinese Commies are trying to take over the world

17. They abort female babies & adopt off girls to White Westerners

18. Ugly little dark eyes

19. They worship Caucasians

20. Asian chicks have little T&A

21. Flat faces

22. Flat back of heads makes them look as if they sleep on their backs always

23. Hideous sing-song languages

24. Yoko Ono

25. Fucked up teeth

26. Shar pei dogs

27. Sex-wise, they don’t have what it takes

28. Bollywood

29. Asian women sound like fighting cats when they argue

30. They consider dog & cat meats a delicacy

31. Many Asians appear monkey-like, particularly the Southeast types

32, Flat noses

33. They have the least sexy accents ever outside of Yankee American voices

34. Humorless, they can’t make good jokes

35. Name 10 Asian celebrities that are gorgeous

36. The Untouchables

37. Horrible cuisines that will be gourmet

38. They live like rats in those over-crowded cities

39. Nobody desires Asian men, not even their own women

40. Terrible music

41. Asian people lack sensuality

42. They make boring cars

43. Nearly hairless, stick-like bodies

44. Too serious

45. Those nasty Persians

46. The Japs still owe the USA (and probably others) money they borrowed after WWII

47. Chinese foot binding

48. They run beauty stores catering to Blacks yet look down on African Americans

49. Asian Indians own all the cheap motels

50. The Vietnam War

51. Hot & Sour Soup

52. They are typically filled with self-hate from idolizing Europeans

53. Gandhi (that damn racist)

54. Indians, Pakis, Iranians, Saudis, etc, tend to have dark circled eyes like raccoons

55. Eyelid surgery

56. Asians look down on everyone else, especially Blacks and Hispanics of any race

57. Pol Pot

58. Burmese neck stretching

59. Worship of the Dalai Lama

60. Chinese imports helped ruin the American economy

61. Asian arrogance

62. Too traditional in a bad way

63. They eat too much fish – this makes the smell fishy

64. Genghis Khan

65. Name 1 good Asian dessert

66. Bruce Lee is the only widely known Asian and most Asians idolize him

67. Mississippi Massala

68. Kimchi

69. They make horrible comedians and entertainers in general

70. India is one giant slum

71. Asian cities are filthy cesspools of disease

72. They look demonic when they smile, even those without the slanted eyes

73. Indian Asians are so very dark yet they feel superior to African Americans

74. They’re rarely seen on TV shows outside of their own countries

75. Sumo wrestling

76. Overly spiced foods particularly the curries

77. They eat enough rice for a family of 6 per person

78. Fortune cookies

79. They get stereotyped for being martial arts experts but typically cannot fight

80. They are rather sneaky

81. Most of the slanted eyed Asians have poor eyesight

82. Opium

83. Anime, which is largely Westernized with all the Caucasoid characters

84. General Mao

85. They make cheap products that they sell to the West at inflated prices

86. They’ve practically taken over San Francisco, among other cities in the West

87. Sushi, sashimi

88. Pearl Harbor

89. Overly concerned with education – there’s more to life than studying

90. Expressionless faces

91. Islam – ‘nough said

92. Awful cheap clothing

93. The Islamic Asians really treat their women like shit

94. Those greedy oil-country Orientals

95. Osama bin Laden

96. Ignored by the media except the Muslim extremists

97. The Korean War

98. Asian women are seen as meek but are really hellcats

99. Ayatolla Khomeini

100. There are far more Muslims than Jews, so why haven’t they bombed Israel out of existence?


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