In my time on this planet, being around all kinds of people from Asians, Hispanics, Brits, the French, Germans, Italians, the Swiss, Austrians, Czechs, Belgians, the Dutch, Southern Americans, Northern Americans, Native Americans Canadians, Aussies, and Kiwis, it my conclusion that Black Americans are the most juvenile-behaving of the entire bunch. Some Africans I’ve worked with have been as well but not so much as their American Negro counterparts.

In fact, most non-American Blacks are far more mature in their manner. They seem to get along better but that is just my initial impression. Blacks here in America do not get along at all even among blood relatives. I don’t know if that’s one of those legacies of slavery or what, but I do know how it is with my own family, as well as others I’ve known or associated with other the years.

I was in a job seeking group that met Mondays for an hour and a half. The Blacks in the group were the silliest middle-aged people I have hobnobbed with in awhile. The only one that behaved in an adult manner, a military vet with a degree in criminal justice, often rolled his eyes when the others got more goofy than they were already being. I was very embarrassed to even be in the company of such infantile grown ups. Every time the job counselor asked one guy about how the previous week’s job search went for him, he would start grinning like some ignorant Step n Fetchit from the 1930s.

Pro Black blogs feature posts that blame Whitey for the non-development of Blacky. You can’t do that despite the prevalent racism in America’s educational institutions. You can maybe blame your single mother and your absent father, your grandma, whoever raised you – and sometimes it’s both parents! – but you can’t blame one group always for the constant failings of another. True, we all know that racism exists in this country, and that Whites here are very racist and/or prejudiced people. They are brought up that way, and it’s difficult to shake the teachings of one’s childhood. That stuff can remain ingrained within you forever, unless you are mentally strong and sincerely desire to break free of it.

Pro White forums expound on other items that don’t relate to the topic – they will go on and on about Blacks being ‘sub-human’, one of Whitey’s favorite notions to bring up to prove their own alleged racial superiority (even though it appears that they are inferior when compared to those Asians they so love to marry, befriend, date, and otherwise coexist with). However, this doesn’t answer the question as to why Black Americans can be so damned kid-like, churlish and angry and pouting when they don’t get their way, or when others call them out on their childishness, laziness, etc.

Just yesterday, my fiance and I stopped by Little Caesar’s for a Hot N Ready cheese pizza. The Black woman at the drive thru asked if we could wait on it. She said that when it was ready, someone would bring it out to us. We waited and waited and waited – at least 10 minutes – for a pizza that is heavily advertised on TV ad nauseam as being ‘Hot N Ready’. That means you get the pizza right when you order it, as those that went before us and came after us did. My fiance had to physically go inside to check on our order, and when he did,t he Black female at the counter was quite rude to him. I don’t know why he didn’t ask for the manager, I would have – and I would have let those ignorant bitches have a piece of my mind into the bargain!

Soon as I got home, I was on the website to Corporate filing a complaint. I hope those stupid heifers get reprimanded or even fired –  hey, don’t get pissed at others because you have to work for minimum wage. That’s your own damn problem. Get an education and then you’ll get a better job. Everyone can’t grow up to be a rapper or an athlete or an actress or hip hop dancer or whatever it is you think you’re gonna be. Stop being such kids and act like an adult. If you can’t, you deserve the terrible treatment that people deal out to you.


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