I couldn’t sleep last night – I have suffered with insomnia since I was a teenager but my more recent caffeine sensitivity has only made things worse – so there I lay in bed, thinking the nuttiest thoughts. You know the type, if you were to ask someone a question about such topics, they would look at you like you’re the craziest person they’ve ever met. Often I will lie in bed, my thoughts racing from one subject to the other. I have mainly been focused on bigotry due to the bullshit that’s been making headlines because of the Clinton vs. Trump presidential race but I also contemplate other questions.

Something I’ve been wondering about for a while is, why are most redheads unattractive? They can be uglier than blands (my word for blonds), and when they have freckles, it’s even worse. I had a boy with dark red hair in my grade school who was freckled all over, not just his face but his hands and arms and probably his entire body. I didn’t think he was a cute kid and I’m sure, if he’s still alive, he’s not a handsome man. Some people find blands and redheads fetching but to me they are plain as hell. Strawberry blands are just as homely, I truly find dark-haired people to be the best looking of all other than Asians, most of whom aren’t really cute at all except to nerdy , usually butt-ugly White men who can only get Mail Order brides from the Philippines and South Korea and China.

Another subject that has been on my mind – more so than ugly redheads – is why does the myth of the sexy Frenchman or Italian stud exist? I have been to both France and Italy several times and let me tell you, those men are not much of a turn on for me. They are usually dark, hairy, big-nosed, and they stink because they normally don’t bother with daily baths/showers nor do they wear deodorant. Any woman who thinks a guy like that is comely has got more than a few screws missing. I prefer men who keep clean and I hate a lot of chest hair – it’s more bear-like than virile. I found the German men to be more to my taste, and best of all, they didn’t smell.

I also cannot fathom why rappers and hip hop artists are put on a pedestal these days, even by Whites. They may be making money – probably with the help of an Asian CPA – but most of them are dumb, ignorant, and so ghetto that it defies the imagination. I would much rather be with a guy who speaks half way intelligently than some schmuck who can barely use English. That is the sad reality of Black culture here in America, however. You have little kids – watch The Rap Game (or not) and you’ll see – who would rather become rappers than surgeons or engineers or mathematicians. Maybe it’s because they lack the IQ levels to become anything more than a foul-mouthed, sexist, materialistic hip hopper.

Finally, I’d like to know why most White Christian churches are so accepting of homosexuals these days when even 25 years ago, they were not. What brought about this change? Why are they going against the teachings of their own holy book, which clearly states in Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, Romans 1:27, 1 Timothy 1:10-11, and a couple of others, that a man lying with another man, as he does a woman, is an abomination, is contrary to sound doctrine, is unseemly, and that as a result, they will ‘surely be put to death’, they will ‘not inherit the kingdom of God’. Yet many White Christians now embrace homosexuals and their lifestyle unequivocally – I should know as I see it on the news, the social media, and in a local church I’ve attended off and on the past nearly 2 years.

One reason I decided not to get involved with Christianity again is because of their hypocrisy – I only go to services sometimes with my fiance, who is an unabashed patriotic White male Christian who just so happens to be disgusted by the general yuppie acceptance of a disagreeable sexual lifestyle. He is dead set against same sex marriage and doesn’t understand why so many people accept it now. At any rate, he also finds brunettes to be the prettiest of women, he doesn’t see what’s so special about Asian women, he thinks rap is overrated, and he wholly believes that the Bible is firmly against homosexuality.

I can only shake my head in amazement at the way the world is today.


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