Get the LIBERALS out of office! They are ruining this country and so are the bleeding heart celebrities that push the liberal agenda. Who cares if such washed up has beens like Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, Ringo Starr (the ugliest Beatle ever and never my favorite) and the rest of that ilk are canceling concert tours to NC? They’re only hurting their own wallets, which I am certain are leaner since no one really cares about them anymore except other moldy oldies. Hell, they can’t sing anyway and I haven’t liked the so-called Boss since he made that awful ‘Born in The USA’.

I am GLAD someone cares enough about women and children in this country to pass this Bill. If the Bleeding Heart Liberals had their way, we’d have to share public toilet facilities with dogs, bears, and demons from the pits of Hell. How many of these gender-confused weirdos do you think are going to be using the men’s restrooms? Probably none, or less than 2%  of those individuals because the large majority of transgender creatures are males that mistakenly think they were born to be females.

House Bill 2 is not what the Bleeding Heart Liberals think, those poor misguided sheeple. I can’t stand dumb Americans who jump on a bandwagon – these are the same people who are so PC they can’t think a bad thought about anyone, or so they try to have you believe, and can count on one hand how many minority, gay, transgender, Jewish, Islamic, or ‘other’ friends they have (usually ZERO). One reason I cannot stand these idiots is because they are such morally bankrupt airheads. They go off about anything that has to do with LGBT and their rights.

House Bill 2 Explained

PepsiCo wants House Bill 2 repealed. Repealed for what? So your female employees will have to share a public restroom with a man who says he was born the wrong gender? Hell, I would never work for that company and I don’t drink Pepsi anyhow, but that’s just plain ridiculous. Private companies can do whatever the hell they want with their restrooms, but how many of these yuppie Bleeding Heart Liberals are going to feel comfortable sitting on a toilet with an It standing at a urinal or sitting in the next stall, doing whatever? I know I would not, and I don’t want that for my nieces!


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