The tunes of today are noise to my ears. I don’t understand how anyone over 35 can listen to that sorry mess. I barely know anything about rock bands – if there are any, that is – or anything other than pop, which is very distasteful and horrible. I don’t like rap or country yet you can’t help but know about these non-talented jokers such as Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and the like, because the media keeps throwing them in your face everywhere you turn.

When I worked for Walmart (a nearly fatal mistake), I had to endure ear pollution from such gems as Gnarls Barkely, Lorde, OneRepublic, Walk The Moon, Selena Gomez, and Kelly Clarkson. The only songs they played worth hearing were a couple of 80s hits: Heart, Journey, Fine Young Cannibals, and Dire Straits, to name a few. I tried to ignore the horrid modern music but it was hard with that diarrhea being piped out into the store the whole 8 and a half hours I worked in that hell hole.

Songs are awful and dumbed down, lyrics are vulgar and misogynistic, melodies all sound the same, and I can’t tell one band or individual from another because they have similar beats, vocals, etc. What is up with everyone going ‘Ohhh ohhh’ and ‘Uh oh’ and “Unh unh’ in songs? Do they not know how to fill empty spaces in lyrics with music, or are they simply bad songwriters? Listen to any song from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, or even the 90s and you will hardly find songs that carry that one word, ‘Oh’, to such an extreme as today’s so-called singers.

I detest these lyrics. They are rampantly sexual, so explicit that most CDs have a listener advisory sticker on them (not just the gangster rap either), and sound like something a sociopathic juvenile delinquent penned while in the baby slammer. The state of R&B is particularly terrible as African American culture has been violently taken over by hip hop and its sophomoric, sexist posturings.

How many of those women-bashing assholes are actually gang members or even former members? Most of them come from privileged (for African Americans anyway) backgrounds, middle class and above. Many of them have educated parents even. There are very few that actually dealt drugs, got shot at or shot at others, or spent any time in prison or jail. That usually comes after their stardom.

The females of the music industry dress, behave, and carry themselves like whores. They seem to have no concept of how it is to comport oneself in a ladylike manner, but then the majority of women today act like sluts with the self esteem of a coconut so…need I write more on this subject?

Today’s tunes are turds turned out by recording companies whose talent reps need a hard kick in the ass to shake them out of their stupidity. However, the music buying public is so young and dumb these days, I doubt that trying to get the talent reps to really do their jobs and find some talent out here would help matters any. I had a vision that music would become worse during the Alternative hey day, and I am so sad to learn that I was correct.


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