Charles Taze Russell, founder of the JW Cult

Many years ago, probably as a result of proselytizing from his in-laws, my brother used to be quite involved with the JWs. He did not believe in Hell, he read from a New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, and he always admitted any JW that came to his door with their Watchtower & Awake! in hand. They were always well dressed and often foreign. His wife was even more so into the cult but that is perhaps because her brother, his wife, and their children were heavily involved.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are not really Christians. They are not true followers of Jesus Christ, and in fact, they reject the doctrine of a Holy Trinity (same as the Jews) because they believe only the one God is Almighty – Jesus is, to them, a mere spirit. They don’t even read from the same Bible as others who are Christians! However, their version of the Bible is just as contradictory and nearly laughable in its fables as the Holy Book of the actual Christian people. Take the following verses for example:

“To worship Christ in any form cannot be wrong … ” (WT, 3-1880, 83). 

“It is unscriptural for worshippers of the living and true God to render worship to the Son of God, Jesus Christ” (WT, 11-1-1964, 671). 

They are against all holidays, birthday celebrations, and even the government – nothing is to take away the JWs’ idolization of the One True God (Jehovah). Yet according to their contrary published material:

“We may as well join in with the civilized world in celebrating the grand event [Christmas] . . . ” (WT Reprints, 12-1-1904, 3468). 

“Christmas and its music are not from Jehovah . . . What is their source? . . . Satan the devil” (WT, 12-15-1983, 7).

“Everyone in America should take pleasure in displaying the American flag” (WT Reprints, 5-15-1917, 6068). 

“The flag is “an idolatrous symbol” (Awake!, 9-8-71, 14).

The late Prince, a well-known Witness of Jehovah’s

JWs do not believe that humans have an immortal soul. They do not believe in blood transfusions (this is one reason that the Tejano singer Selena died, because her family were JWs and would not allow medical personnel to give her a blood transfusion. If they had, she would probably still be alive today). JWs refuse to vote or serve in the military, and they believe that saluting the flag is idolatry. It used to be that they were against secular education, so none of them would attend school past the 12th grade. You won’t find any JWs holding public office as it’s forbidden.

Hell, I don’t believe we have a soul either, but I am definitely not a follower of this Jehovah and I think the JWs are as misguided as any other religious person, probably more so. The next time those JWs knock on my door, I am going to tell them where to go and I won’t do it nicely!


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