Are the supporters of Donald Trump actually racist? It appears that most of them are White, angry, and very much what I would call prejudiced, if not downright bigoted. Whether or not they are truly White supremacists remains to be seen. Probably some of them are, I’ll wager. I think a lot of people who are Republicans will vote for Trump simply because he’s running as a Republican and they feel that they have no other choice. After all, who else if there? They aren’t voting for Clinton and they damn sure aren’t voting for any Green Party or Libertarian or whatever else party candidates. If nothing else, Republicans are very loyal to their party and its candidates. not to mention slavering patriots.

According to a survey conducted by Reuters between March and June of this year, more Trump supporters are inclined to view Black Americans as ‘lazy’, ‘violent’, ‘unintelligent’, and ‘criminal’ – though large numbers of both White Republicans and Democrats shared these views. Even though only 16,000 Americans were questioned during the survey out of a population of more than 300 million, it is safe to conclude that White Americans, particularly those who are Republicans, share a significant amount of racial bigotry which is why they are supporters of Trump, whose anti-Muslim, anti-Hispanic illegals, and anti-Semitic rhetoric appeals to many American Whites.

My boyfriend, a staunch Republican – most Southern Whites are even when they live in trailer parks, are uneducated, struggle to make a living, and can’t win for losing – is a die hard Trump fan specially because of the billionaire’s stance against Islamic terrorists and border jumping immigrants. My own brother is also a supporter who plans to vote for Trump in the upcoming election, mainly because Trump wants to do something about the illegals here in this country. I’ll admit, that is one good reason to be a supporter of the too rich, bald, fake tanned, womanizing old fart.

Racial attitudes over the years prove that White Democrats aren’t any more likely to invite a Black to their home for dinner than their fellow Republicans. If you think that your boss likes you – and other People of Color – and considers you a ‘good friend’ just because s/he is a Liberal and/or Democrat, better think again. In fact, I  would be more inclined to steer clear of a Liberal more than I would a Conservative – at least with the latter, you know where you stand. With the former, it’s usually hard to tell. I have learned that lesson well over the years just as I’ve learned that not all Jews are for the civil rights of us non-Whites and can be as racist as any Christian redneck.

According to another poll, 7% of Trump’s own supporters say he is racist. Now I am not agreeing as I don’t personally know the guy. Does he appeal to the racists, religious bigots, and prejudiced people of all stripes that are out there? Of course! The Republican Party has been engaged in such drama since the end of the Civil War. The Tea Party is still alive and kicking, in case you’ve not noticed. This isn’t to say that the Democratic Party has always looked kindly upon Black Americans. That is just not true, and it’s only within recent history – the 1960s in fact – that White Democrats began to lean more toward the Liberal side than the Conservative stance they took before the Kennedys came to power.

I shall finish with this – Trump supporters have proved themselves to be mindless bigots yet is that a surprise during this age of Blacks in the ‘White House’, rampant religious persecution, TV shows that revel in showing us Black and Hispanic violence & crime, and ZOG-inspired propaganda? Get ready for taco trucks on every corner if he loses, folks! Wait a frigging minute, what the hell am I writing here? There are already too many Mexican restaurants in America – we don’t need taco trucks on every corner. We don’t need any more Mosques or Synagogues or Temples or Latino gangsters or…


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