Steven Avery is a convicted murderer of Caucasian persuasion sentenced to life for the murder of Teresa Hallbach, a young photographer, in 2007. Because Avery was wrongfully convicted of a previous rape/attempted murder, a lot of White Americans are up in arms over his conviction for Teresa’s killing. Netflix was so upset by Avery’s conviction that they released a 10 episode – yes, 10 – docuseries (Making a Murderer) about the killer and the murder and the trial and all the assorted hoopla that goes along with these types of cases.

Why Steven Avery (along with his nephew Brendan Dassey), a guy who has some of the coldest blue eyes I have ever looked into on a TV screen, not to mention his well known misogyny, burning of a cat – it is well known that ailuraphobes tend to be haters of women as well – should be given such attention, garner so much fanfare, and become so wildly popular among the sheeple, amazes me to no end. This only goes to prove that when White people set their odd working minds to something, they will have their way – if only the same principle worked for those of us of color.

I have no doubt that these misguided sheeple will get these two men exonerated, and then what will happen for the family of victim Teresa Hallbach? What about the justice she deserves? Why was she hardly mentioned in this documentary at all, and why is there barely anything on the Internet about her when I Google her name? Yet when you type Steven Avery into the search bar, all types of news, articles, blogs, videos, and the like will pop up. I find this disturbing as well as disgusting and I can say that my opinions of White Americans have only gotten worse.

I don’t feel at all sorry for Avery or his bumbling idiot of a nephew. I believe that they are guilty, and I know that justice has been served somewhat (it would be better served if the Death Penalty was imposed on all convicted murderers in every state within 5 years of their being sentenced). No Black I know of feel that this man is innocent, and if there are any sheeple of color out there that believe Avery is, something is seriously wrong with them mentally. I venture to state that most of the 300,000 signatures from Change,org and begging President Obama to pardon Avery are those of White Americans.

President Obama has no power as far as pardoning a murder suspect and even if he did, I would gather he’d be pressed into doing so for the thousands of minorities that have been sitting in prisons for decades, wrongfully convicted of raping White women, among other crimes. Why he would kiss the pale fat butt of an ugly sonofabitch who always looked like a mean ass albino ape who’s rightfully behind bars, I have no idea. Whites can be simpletons (though they love to say it is Blacks) and they are some of the most easily duped people on the planet. I’m not surprised these airheads have been taken in by Avery and his – no surprise here – female supporters who created the documentary, Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi, obviously two bleeding heart liberals with nothing better to do.


If you want to make a documentary about something social, why not the homeless, abused children, and the hungry? Why not create a 10 part documentary on someone who really needs exoneration? There is a slew of evidence that points at Avery as Teresa’s killer: inside Avery’s house, his being the last known person to see the woman alive, her car found on the Avery family lot with blood in it and on it, a bullet with DNA on it in Avery’s garage with ties to Hallbach, and most damning of all, her charred body parts discovered in a fire pit on Avery’s property. Yet despite all this more than 300,000 signatures from deceived Americans on petitions in the hopes of freeing this convicted murderer.

I cannot decide if White people are merely so smart they are stupid, just plain stupid, or crazy as hell.


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