It is quite pathetic that so many non-Jews other than Muslims are fooled by the Jewish people. They are a hateful species whose only aim is to promote bloodshed, death, and madness among Gentiles as their ‘holiest book’, the Talmud, teaches. This is a very bigoted tome that preaches loathing, dislike, and mistrust of anyone whose blood is not Jewish.

I don’t feel sorry for Jews and I can only shake my head at those who strive to be on friendly terms with these people. It is a puzzle to me why Christian groups and people are on the side of the Jews versus the Palestinians, and why the American taxpayer must support the racist, anti-Christian, anti-Islamic, anti-anyone-who-isn’t-a-Jew state of Israel.

NY RabbiPreaches Hate

Do you Jew-loving knuckleheads not understand the above passage? It comes from the Talmud, the ‘holy book’ so worshiped by the Jews. Not the Torah, which is simply the Old Testament of the Christian Bible (and no, I am not a believer as I feel that most, if not all, religions are baseless and made up to explain away death, why we are here, and other mysteries of life).


Why do you think Brother Nathanael converted to Christianity after having been born and raised in the Jewish faith? He realized what evil creatures the Jews truly are and was horrified that he was a part of such a race. I applaud Brother Nathanael for his excellent website and telling it like it is for the Jews are the scourge of the world, and my one regret is that the Nazis chased them out of the Europe over to the US, which has become the biggest supporter of Israel what with all the New York & Jew Jersey 1%-ers.


Confessions of a Former Jew


The extremely dangerous and evil Jew is the Zionist. They are the ones who push Israel in our faces, who promote the Jewish race over all others, who run the Media and Hollywood and have a heavy influence in every corporation, world banking, and even certain governments, the US being one of those (and the UK another).  The Jews want only one thing, and that is billions of dollars for a dusty hellhole in the Middle East known as Israel and they will stop at nothing to get their way.

Jews are weird-looking, they have strange religious practices, they are as fanatical, if not more so, than those rabid Muslim extremists and Christian fundamentalists, and they will sit shiva for a child who marries outside the Jewish faith. This means that they carry on as if the child is dead. How many Christians or Muslims behave so if one of their own marries a Jew?

Hey, I’m all for Jews having their own land. I just wish the millions that reside in America would take their money-grubbing, Goy-despising, inter-breeding, high status loving, corrupt  asses over there to live. Maybe then this country would be a better place. Hitler knew the deal – why doesn’t anyone else? Europeans are certainly not supportive of these villains but then, they tend to be a bit smarter than Americans anyway, with all our political correctness, diversity, and lack of sophistication. The Jews have gotten most of the world’s Christians fooled, but they surely have not fooled me at all.


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