I know because I happen to be one myself and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Yes, I am a bigot. I am quite intolerant towards the religious, White people, men, Asians, LGBT community, Jews, and the elite. I realize this and I confess to it – unlike plenty of you out there who claim to be so accepting of all when you know, down deep inside, that you really don’t. Why be a hypocrite? That’s old shit. I do not have to hide behind a false facade anymore, pretending that I love everybody on earth when I don’t. Being truthful is far healthier than reveling in hypocrisy.

That being said, Blacks definitely can be bigots. Not exactly racists because racists discriminate solely on the basis of race (though there are definitely many Black people out there who have an intense hatred of Whites but it is not due to their skin color/race, it is because they hold the power). This is a point that whiny-ass White Americans who create memes about Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan being ‘racist’ can’t seem to get through their thick skulls. White people hold most or all of the power in Western democracies such as the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, among other nations – namely in Europe.

True, we have a half-Black president here in America. But how many People of Color do you see in similar positions in the above-mentioned nations? This is not to say that those countries have pale-skinned citizens that are more racist than Americans, or even that White Americans are more accepting of non-Whites than those of European extraction in the other nations. It’s just that there are a lot of Democrats in the US who will not vote for a Republican even if the choice they have is to put a Personof Color in the White House. Which is what they did.

So…back to Black bigotry. Yes, it exists. I dare any White person to visit their one Black friend- if they even have that – and see how the reactions in that friend’s Black neighborhood, if s/he lives in one that is. Better yet, since everyone loves Whitey, why don’t you go to a Black neighborhood on your own, or with a White buddy if you’re too scared (and you probably are), and walk around a bit. Chances are, you will be mistaken for drug buyers if the area is especially rough. You may get asked what you’re doing there, taunted, mugged, beaten up – or you may simply be ignored.

I have heard Black people talk trash about Whites dozens of times, if not hundreds. What do they say when they diss White Americans?

1. White people are prejudiced

2. White people hate Black people

3. White people are mean

4. White people are weird

5. White people stink (literally, as in hair/skin, etc)

That pretty much is it right there. I have worked with or lived around Black people who called White people ‘the sheets’ (KKK), ‘blue-eyed devils’, ‘crackers’, ‘honkies’, ‘whities’, and ‘wet dog’ – though that was mainly when I was in grade school – and I’ve also known of Blacks who attacked Whites who came into their neighborhoods though this was always to gain something the White person had: a bike, money…I felt sorry for those Whites because one of them was a mere kid, but you never, ever see non-Whites in the affluent areas of my hometown. Never. Whites would call the police in a jiffy and I know they have as I used to live near a well-to-do old neighborhood where I often walked, and I used to see police riding through there on a regular basis, particularly after Black men had been seen jogging or walking through.

If Black people hold any animosity towards Whites, it is because of the centuries of abuse, racism, cruelty, mistreatment, intolerance, oppression, loathing, bestial behavior, and genocide shown towards us humans of African descent by those of you of European blood. If that makes me a bigot so be it. At least I concede that I am. White people try to pretend that they aren’t, specially Liberals. Pietists!


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