There are no such things as ghosts. That being said, I do find a few of those paranormal shows to be rather entertaining. That is all they are, folks. Entertainment. There is no truth to any of that stuff. Can I prove it? Hell, you can do that yourself! But most people are afraid of death because no one knows what happens once we die, and when you’re scared of something, you want to believe that there is more to it than what appears. Who wants to believe that once we die, that’s it? Hardly anyone. So people came up with religion to help explain what occurs once we give up the ghost, as the saying goes.

Have you actually seen any real proof offered up by the ‘stars’ of those paranormal shows? EVPs. Those recordings of so-called spirits and demons aren’t proof of any existence of ghosts or life after death. Orbs. Easily explained – either dust or electrical interference (which is what most EVPs are, just what is reported here: EVPs explained), or a dirty camera screen. Those aren’t spirits of the dead.

Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, The Dead Files, Ghost Asylum, Paranormal Lockdown, and the forthcoming Ghost Brothers are all shows put out by greedy ‘paranormal investigators’ and their equally greedy producers to fool the gullible public, though anyone who believes any of that stuff has got to have a screw loose somewhere and deserves to be fooled. The former Paranormal State was another highly entertaining show that was as fake, if not faker, than the rest. Remember the episode ‘I Am Six’? Google it and you will discover that the entire possession story and exorcism was FAKED.

The reason why Fact of Faked: Paranormal Files did not last very long is because they debunked so much of the crap that some deluded idiots want to believe. I dare any of you paranormal stars to come to a house I lived in with my fiance and prove to us that this house is actually haunted, as the owner claims. I dare you to do it. But I am very certain that none of you will take me up on this, because you know you cannot prove that it’s true…because it is not. But if you are sincere and wish to prove the existence of ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night, feel free to contact me here.

I’d love for some ballsy producer to put out a show that strives to DEBUNK all of the crap these other shows claim proves the existence of the paranormal. C’mon, folks. Let’s get those idiots off the air with our own show. Let’s prove that there are no such things as goblins, demons, and banshees that wail in the night!


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