According to Tim Wise, a White man I happen to have a great deal of respect for, most American Whites suffer from a severe case of denial. I know this from personal experience, as I currently date a White male who is so blinded by his denial that one simply cannot argue with him because he refuses to believe that certain ugly aspects of life in these United States – namely, White racism – still exists.

It appears that racist incidents and racist feelings have risen sharply since the arrival of America’s first non-White president. Just last November, a poll released by CNN revealed that a whopping 49% of Americans believe that racism is a huge problem in this country. More non-Whites see it as a big problem: 66% of Blacks and 64% of Hispanics compared with 43% of Whites. Either Asians do not experience racism the way the rest of us non-Whites due to more acceptance by Whites, or they simply were not polled regarding the subject.

An older White man who was interviewed about his participation in the poll of course mentioned ‘the race card’, that these police shootings of unarmed Black men are probably ‘justified’ and have been ‘blown out of proportion’, the usual ‘blame the victim’ mentality of a White man stuck in his Good Ol’ Days racist past, when Blacks were kept in ‘their place’ and Whites were smug in their ‘superiority’.

Mr. Wise also points out that despite having a college degree, Blacks are twice as likely as whites with college degrees to be unemployed, and that White males who dropped out of high school are more likely to be employed than even Black men with two years of college! Could this be the reason my cousin (who really is picky when it comes to work) does not have a job? One of the guys in the article linked to from Mr. Wise’s essay did not even have a typical Black name but he did graduate from a well-known HBCU – and that’s evidently why he is not getting even any interviews.

Yet White people are blind to this fact. They cite cases of Affirmative Action they may have witnessed or heard of as reasons why there is no bias against Blacks or Hispanics on the hiring line. Whites are in denial even though American households headed by a high school dropout who is White is about twice as affluent than a Black or Hispanic household led by a college graduate – they insist that ‘reverse discrimination’ is the real issue, and even when they learn that Black and Hispanic children are expelled or suspended at greater rates than White children for identical infractions, they deny that their precious offspring are as ‘bad’ as the minority kids even though the level of serious school violations are roughly the same regardless of race/ethnicity.

Whites do not see that law enforcement officers target Blacks and Hispanics, especially males, more so than they do Whites. Four times as many Blacks are arrested for marijuana possession than Whites even though the usage is nearly indistinguishable between the two races. White people simply refuse to see it, just as they refuse to see that unarmed Blacks being killed by police is an enormous problem in this country right now. They scream ‘racism’ when Black Lives Matter protesters march, they cry ‘thug’ whenever a Black male – or Hispanic – is shot by cops despite overwhelming proof to the contrary, and they whine about how America is no longer ‘great’ just because we’ve got a president with Black blood and his brown-skinned family living in the White House.

White people are in denial and I do not see that changing any time soon, specially if Trump is elected.


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