I am a Woman of Color. Yet I agree with that White separatists that diversity does not work and that people should be allowed to co-exist with those of like mind, like color, like religion, and like values. I would wholly embrace an area where I could live around people like myself, who don’t believe in owning guns, doing drugs, having babies out of wedlock, receiving entitlement benefits, hiring illegal aliens over citizens, and are free to worship as they choose.

People should be allowed to live where they want, with whom they want, without the Gestapo gov’t. shoving it down our throats. I did not understand it when I first learned about it, but now I can truly empathize with those who fought against integration. People who believe that those of different races, belief systems, and even sexuality, are misguided and quite frankly, damn foolish. There is no way an upper-class White will want to live around working class Blacks or Hispanics…not even poor Whites wish to. Truthfully, neither do I because lower-income people tend to commit the most crime. Why should I place myself in jeopardy by living among those that might break into my home, a sanctuary, and take what I have worked hard for?

Since illegal aliens have overrun the country,the crime rate has increased. Oh, the SPLC and ADL will try to tell you that it isn’t true, that illegals work hard and are family-oriented people only seeking a better life for themselves but that’s not really factual. In my hometown, they get drunk on weekends and beat their women and kids. There’s one that lives 2 doors up from me, and he is always abusing his wife, if that’s what she is. There is an older woman living with them whom he beats also. I’ve reported the situation to the police but it keeps going on, and I just have to say that it’s up to those women to get out of a dangerous quandary. I wash my hands of it.

The United States should be divided into regions by race and religion, with Alaska for the trannies. (I mean be honest folks, do you truly desire to live around people that don’t even know what gender they are?) Hawaii can be for the rampantly degenerate. Let Whites have the Pacific Northwest, Blacks much of the South – some of it can be for mixed race people, Yankee territory can go to the Jews and Bleeding Heart Libs who desire a ‘diverse’ land, while Hispanics can have the Southwest back. Gays and lesbians will live in New England since they love political correctness so much up there. California will be for those who truly believe that they can live with different types of people and be happy. We’ll let the Muslims have DC as each region will have its own capital anyway. Asians would probably wish to live around Whites, as so many of their women are married to White men but probably, they’d wind up on the West Coast somewhere.

I am sure that others have their own opinions on how best to separate this huge country of ours but the above split is meant for illustrative purposes only. I sincerely believe that it is for the best if we do separate ourselves – but I refuse to live around criminal elements that only bring down the race. I will not live around those types and I believe there should be areas set aside for that element. Let them rob and cheat and steal and kill each other. It would ease the taxes we must pay in order to support those lowlifes in prison.


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