The Homosexual Supremacy Movement is a sexist, unnatural, anti-family, and sexually immoral lifestyle that is being wholly supported by the yuppie do-gooder, Bleeding Heart Libs and others who embrace this despicable crusade that is meant to crush the conjugal union that is the only way life can be perpetuated – that of a man and of a woman. Not a man and another man or a woman and a woman, but a man and a woman. This healthy pairing is the only one that guarantees the existence of the human race. Otherwise, humanity will destroy itself without any need of a mythological entity coming to earth to do so.

Homosexuals – and this includes Lesbians and Transsexuals as well, particularly the latter – are proud, boastful, and extremely confused individuals who engage in the intimate behavior that the God many of them proclaim to believe in supposedly had laws against. Now I am no Christian by any stretch of the imagination, but I will state here that if your religion teaches opposition to a way of life, and prohibits certain behavior as sinful and anti-Christian or anti-Muslim or anti-Jewish, etc, why would you accept that type of conduct and why would you belong to a church/mosque.synagogue/etc whose leaders accept it as well?

I have no gay friends, no gay associates, and definitely not any gay family members. After all, I come from People of Color and we normally do not accept that type of lifestyle (watch For The Bible Tells Me So, a documentary that focuses on religion and acceptance of homosexuality). The only people in this doc who believed that this abnormal way of life was the Black couple. The Whites – even the pastors – wholeheartedly embraced this behavior that their Bible considers ‘wicked’. Yet they claim that the Bible is the Word of God! Aren’t these hypocrites going against their God when they accept this immorality? I guess not.

One reason America is in so much spiritual trouble, according to one pastor I heard declare on a radio program a few years ago, is due to the widespread acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. The last time I was in church, the pastor stood right there and told us that his church practiced diversity, and that they would find people of different races, colors, with tattoos or without, with past drug and criminal problems, and sexual preferences on staff and in the (mostly yuppie) congregation. In fact, they had just brought on a Black lesbian to teach the children – yes, a lesbian – who actually had the nerve to kiss her White girlfriend right after she got down from giving a little speech, in front of the congregants without any shame at all!

Sodomites look upon sexual relations with a woman with revulsion, yet they engage in anal sex, a type of activity that used to be frowned at and thought of as ‘filthy’. Now I suppose it is the superior way to rut with one’s fellow human beings. How anyone would even want to engage in this nastiness boggles my mind. The anus is where human fecal matter is expelled from the body, Why would you want to stick your penis inside another man’s anus? Why would you want to put another man’s penis in your mouth even? And how could a woman use her tongue to pleasure another woman in an area where monthly menses flows? Just the very thought of this activity makes me ill to my stomach.

I shake my head when I read or hear about the Homosexual Agenda and those that embrace it, most of whom aren’t even gay and barely know any gay people. I know this because I have seen their posts on Twitter and (especially) Facebook. They had rainbow colors in their profile pix when the first attack on gays occurred, and then when that nightclub mass shooting happened, they did it again. Some of them even admitted that they didn’t know any gay people – yet they accept that lifestyle without question. Some of these same individuals are virulently anti-Muslim and detest the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Homosexual Superiority     Gay Men Are Superior     Homo Superiority Act     Homosexual Agenda


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