When I first started this blog (Queen of Mean on Blogger, not this one here) , one of my first posts was about paranormal TV shows and how I feel that they are bullshit. My main reason for believing this is because the shows never truly help those that are allegedly besieged by this phenomena – they either give advice and suggestions on how the families under supernatural attack can help themselves, or they just go seeking spirits on properties with long histories of being ‘haunted’…the same damn places over and over again, in fact; you see them on different shows, with various paranormal investigation teams, every frigging year!

  1. Bobby Mackey’s Music World
  2. Villisca Axe Murder House
  3. Lemp Mansion
  4. The Myrtles Plantation
  5. Stanley Hotel
  6. Alcatraz
  7. Eastern State Penitentiary
  8. West Virginia State Penitentiary
  9. Waverly Plantation
  10. The Alamo

The above places are just a few of the dozens of locations across America that have been investigated to death by many teams featured on those laughable paranormal shows.

My other reason for surmising that paranormal shows are bullshit is that I do not believe that any of that stuff is true. I have lived in houses that were reputed to be haunted and never once experienced anything out of the ordinary other than hearing my name being called and that might have been a hallucination because it occurred in some other places too, and one of them did not have the status of a locale said to be under attack by the spirit world.

A third reason is why are the families battling these ghosts and demons and whatnot are nearly always White? Is this because White people have an evil nature? You rarely see any people of color be they Black, Asian, or Hispanic. Maybe the producers of these shows choose Whites over others or non-Whites just don’t get assaulted by the spirit world the way that Caucasians do. I haven’t figured out which it is yet.


Then there are the shows whose teams go in search of mythological beings like the Yeti, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra, and all the rest. I laugh my fugging ass off at the antics these fools go through in order to prove the existence of critters that are totally made up – take Bobo, Matt, Cliff, and Ranae for instance. These idiots actually go out in the nighttime woods and whoop, holler, call, and hoot what they term ‘Sasquatch’ sounds in order to draw out a creature that has never walked the face of this earth and never will. If Bigfoot were real, there would be more evidence of the being and there isn’t so that’s that. Grow up and get a life!

Paranormal show producers and the investigation teams themselves are in this for fame and fortune. They are not there to help people, despite what Steve Dischiavi claims, or what Ryan Buell declared at the beginning of the now cancelled (and debunked) Paranormal State. They want glory, folks. They get paid for this shit. The families suffer – at the hands of the imaginary creatures they are fighting, and also at the hands of these greedy paranormal investigators and their manipulative producers. I wish they would take all of these shows off the air but they make money for the channels that air them so that will never happen. And that’s why I plan to put out a show which debunks all of the rest.


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