Is America headed for a race war? It certainly appears that way. I never watch the news – mainly due to it being so depressing but also the fact that the media in this country keeps the shit stirred too damn much – but when I learn about news from others, it’s always about 1) an unarmed Black man killed by racist White cops; 2) a redneck White – usually a Republican – making a snide remark about Black people in general; 3) something Tasteless Trump has declared about Crooked Clinton.

I used to live in the Queen City, another name for Charlotte, North Carolina – the city is called such after Queen Charlotte, and Mecklenburg County is named after a region in Northern Germany which is why you will often find a lot of Germans living and working in Charlotte. I lived in the city from 1992 – 1994 while attending CPCC, and again from 1996 – 1997 to attend the American Business & Fashion Institute, and finally from 2002 – 2003, during the Year of the Drought (and the worst months I ever had while living in the Queen City, I should add).

When I lived in Charlotte during the early 90s, there were at least 2 police shootings of unarmed Blacks that I recall. One of them was a young man who was killed right in front of his small child. The other was a woman and I don’t recollect the exact circumstances behind her death but it was at the hands of redneck cops. I can remember Blacks from up North saying that if such a murder had taken place in New York City or New Jersey or Philadelphia, there would have been some type of outraged protest if not a riot. I guess those Blacks, if they are still in Charlotte, are eating those words now. Blacks are fed up. We are sick and tired of Whitey killing us and getting away with it.

I once stated to my mother that I could never have lived during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s because I would have had to hurt someone – namely, a cop – if they tried to harm me. I also would not have been submissive towards the White Establishment, an attitude that has landed me in hot water during my intermediate school years through the present day. I refuse to kowtow to anyone and that means ol’ Blue Eyed Charlie, even if he is the boss. Now it appears that history is one again repeating itself. Civil unrest has begun even before Trump lands in the White House (you’d better believe that’s where he is headed because these race riots are only going to cause more Whites to vote for him).

White people are scared. They are very scared. And they should be! Blacks are no longer going to take their racist shit anymore. We are sick to death of it. I know I am and I’m not even fully Black. I accept the White blood in me, but I do not consider myself half White or part White even though DNA proves that I am. I was raised by Black people in a Black neighborhood and while I was often teased and picked on and taunted by jealous Black children, I am more comfortable around Blacks and even Hispanics than I am Whites or Asians though I prefer to be in a mixed crowd.

White Americans are afraid. Well, they ought to be! Now the shoe is on the other foot and they know how we felt when we were chased by lynch mobs and hanged from trees, dragged from our homes in the night by the Hooded Order of Cowards, bombed by hateful racists who didn’t care if they killed children in a church basement, and made to sit in the back of the bus, drink from separate water fountains, order our food from the back door of diners, and clean up after nasty prejudiced Whites. The shoe is on the other foot and I say it’s about damn time!




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