This post won’t make me popular with the Black Supremacists out there, but hey, whoever said I wanted to be popular with anybody? After all, I am a misanthrope and content being one. That being confessed here, I will go on to state that it will generally be the Blacks, Whites, and of course the Jews that will be the most angered by the subjects I blog about. Oh, and let’s not forget homosexuals and religious fanatics of every stripe!

According to more than one article I have read whilst researching this topic, it was the mulatto class of free Blacks that owned slaves, and in particularly large numbers out of proportion to their size in the American population. According to the website Slave Rebellion via the US Census, fewer than 385,000 Southern Whites owned Black slaves by the year 1860 – this was from a total of around 8 million (there were 27 million Whites in the entire country at that time).

That same census reports that in New Orleans alone, more than 3,000 free Blacks owned slaves. At least 6 Blacks in the state of Louisiana owned more than 65 slaves in 1860. The widow C. Richards and her son P. C. owned the largest number of Black slaves at 152 – they ran an enormous sugar plantation. Then there was Antoine Dubuclet, with over 100 slaves working a sugar estate worth more than a quarter of a million dollars at that time.

Other mulatto slave owners include Anthony Johnson, Marie Metoyer, and William (April) Ellison. They are the three of the most prominent of non-White owners of slaves but are by no means the only trio as noted above by the numbers of slave owning Blacks in the US census. Due to belief in the superiority of White blood, most of the slave owners were of mulatto heritage and they kept it that way by wedding other mulattoes so as not to darken the skin. Even today, the monied classes of Blacks in America tend to be lighter-skinned (see brown paper bag test) and behave in a manner that is clearly more cultured and less ‘ghetto’ than is the norm – what other Blacks term ‘acting White’.

White slaveowners often had sexual relations with Black female slaves, and many times they freed the woman and the children that resulted, which led to a surprisingly huge numbers of Black female slave owners. A great many White slave owners even accepted their mixed race offspring as legit heirs and this is how a lot of Blacks came to be slave owners themselves – their fathers would give or bequeath property to them; the new landowner would then turn around and purchase Black slaves to work the farm for her/him. Many of these Black slave owners became wealthy at a time when Black affluence was thought not to even exist.

Why is it that when modern Blacks bitch and moan about the evils of slavery and White racism and the legacy of all the ill treatment they’ve suffered – and continue to – at the hands of those vile and wicked Europeans, they never mention the indisputable fact of Blacks enslaving their own people, not just in Africa but here in America as well? And if you say something to them about it, they will try to twist around the facts to agree with their own muddled sense of ‘history’. Unfortunately, it is true that Blacks – you can call them mulattoes or whatever, but the One Drop Rule makes them Black in my opinion – owned slaves themselves, profited off of the blood, sweat & tears of their own people so Blacks of today cannot keep using the slavery of legacy as an excuse for laziness, stupidity and the prevalence of Black on Black violence that is killing off more of us today than hateful White cops.


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