Cooking shows bug me. Not only the competition shows like Chopped or Cake Wars but the how to shows (Brunch at Bobby’s, Farmhouse Rules, The Kitchen, etc) as well. All that waste! And the producers. snooty celebrity chefs, and even those that compete on the shows don’t even seem to care. The waste concerns me because there are billions of people on this planet who cannot get enough food on a daily basis and are starving to death. Yet all these shows care about are their precious ratings. Food Network has the audacity to promote No Kid Hungry when they are throwing away food on a daily basis just to keep these shows, most of which are a total squander of production time, money, talent, and film, on the air.

Okay, so often the filming crew will eat some of the leftovers but many times this food is simply tossed in a dumpster. Watch any episode of Hell’s Kitchen or Sugar Showdown and you will cringe at the amount of waste that goes on – and this is only what they do not edit from the final footage! I am appalled but not surprised that this sort of thin goes on in America, being that this country is full of smug, spoiled ingrates who would behave in a totally different manner towards food if they had to worry about where their next meal was coming from.

I know that food stylists put something on entrees that render them inedible. In fact, once that stuff goes on the prepared meal, it becomes worthy of a museum stay – that is how preserved it is after the food stylist gets done with it. Wasteful? You bet. But does the average red-blooded American really give a shit? Apparently not, it surely does not seem to bother the food stylists themselves or you would hear/read something about it via social media. (And yes, a lot of waste goes on in households that you wouldn’t believe, but not in mine. I never squander food – specially since I’ve been in a few situations when I didn’t know where my next meal was coming from!)

An especially irksome individual is Chef Ramsey. He is constantly throwing barely cooked meat, inedible pasta, and whatever else at tearful, utterly cowed fools who actually take his shit, wasting hundreds of dollars worth of food per episode…whilst shaking his head and muttering about squander in other people’s restaurants on Kitchen Nightmares. What the hell kind of hypocrite is he?

Male chefs tend to be more wasteful than the females. At least – on TV – Ree Drummond and Ina Garten and Nancy Fuller feed people the meals that they create on camera. I have worked in a few eateries (I confess that food service is not my cup of tea) and things were not as wasteful in those places as I have seen on these cooking shows. If there was any leftover food, it either went to the 1) employees or 2) charity, particularly baked goods. In my city, there is a rule against giving away non-baked foods (such as spaghetti, salads, grilled chicken, etc) to homeless shelters due to risk of food contamination. A waste but what can I do about it?

Would such awful, expensive waste like what occurs on Cooking Channel and Food Network shows go on in countries other than the US and the wealthy nations of Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, and the like? I think not.


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