Why does putting an African American female on US paper currency have the White racists of Amerikkka so up in arms? How does honoring this long dead former slave hurt white people today?

White racism and white supremacy is definitely behind the uproar. Whites in the US (not to mention of other nations, but our focus is on the hateful honkies here) have that undeniable sense, all of them no matter how liberal they try to come across, that they are of the superior race and all others are here on this earth to serve their nefarious purposes.

They look at every other race and are smug that theirs is the best, the most intelligent, the most inventive, and the most genetically advanced. This is the same race that produces the most serial killers, the lousiest comedians, the worst dancers, and the dumbest smart people I’ve ever known of.

Why do Whites get so riled over the smallest things? Who is it going to hurt to have a minority on US currency that accomplished more than many Whites do in their lifetimes? Is that what the problem is? They are pissed off and envious because Harriet Tubman, born a slave and not book-smart the way Whites are so proud of being (as if that makes one more intelligent in other aspects of life), managed to do what she did in a time when Blacks were flogged as punishment, torn apart from relatives and sold to other slave owners, and whipped to death for merely not picking that damn cotton fast enough?

Who the hell cares whose goddamn likeness is on a paper note? Is it really that important to the Almighty White man to have only other White men on US currency? I guess if they try to put Geronimo or Crazy Horse or Red Cloud or even Martin Luther King Jr on an American note, those same rednecks will rise up to vehemently protest as they do whenever anything is done for a minority person. As long as Whitey gets what Whitey wants, Whitey is happy with the world.


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