My previous post concerned my reasons for not wanting Donald Trump in the White House. Today’s post is all about Hillary and why I cannot vote her in there – hell, she was practically president back in the 1990s when her backwoods-accented hubby was supposedly the (womanizing) prez! Her stance on gun control, raising taxes on the wealthy (Trump’s plans actually benefit the richest Americans of whom he is a happy member), and lowering student debt I agree with fully but that’s it.

Hillary stands for too many progressive, liberal issues such as the type Bernie Sanders advocated. She wants to keep all 11+ million illegal aliens in the country. Lawbreakers like that need to be deported! She wants to give these people citizenship and also to allow Muslims easy access to immigration – 9/11 and other acts of terror prove that anyone affiliated with Islam shouldn’t be allowed into the US. She supports same-sex marriage, keeping Obamacare in place, and a few other issues I don’t concur with and feel should be addressed and either repealed or revised.

As I mentioned the other day, I cannot embrace Trump as a presidential candidate due to his blatant misogyny as well as his unenlightened comments about ISIS and US Generals, veterans, handicapped people, and even his flip-flopping on the illegal alien issue (though why he would do that is beyond me, as illegals cannot vote and don’t have any power as far as who gets elected come November).

Republicans have always been on the side of the wealthy and Trump is no exception. Just like his predecessor Reagan, he believes in Trickle Down effect (proven unworkable by the late great Ronald) and is against raising the minimum wage – which at least Hillary is for. Trump is for the dumbest of the dumb, beer-swilling, gun-toting rednecks who live in trailer parks or small ranch homes, the kind of people Trump has never hobnobbed with and never will, other than to get their votes. Hillary is for the most Bleeding Heart of liberals, those former foaming-at-the-mouth Bernie supporters who long for a Rainbow Nation Fantasyland where everyone hugs & kisses and sings ‘Kumbayah (My Lord)’.

Bernie was far too Socialist in his views – yes, that very ‘s’ word Obama has been called countless times. He actually believed in military intervention overseas, something I am against and wish that America would cease – let those nations sort out their own problems and mind our own business, One reason so many foreign governments are anti-American is because of our penchant for butting into their troubles as if we’re the adults and they are children we must show the ‘grown up way’\to do things. Leave them alone to sort it out for themselves!

Hillary will be the same. I wish it weren’t so but it is. No matter how welcome I find the thought of a female president after decades of old White men running things, I cannot support Hillary as the first woman to actually run things in the White House. No way, no how, not ever.


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