I am not going to apologize for this post. I do not find children with Down’s Syndrome cute, Maybe it’s the fact that when I was growing up, such children were called ‘retards’ and ‘ugly’ by the so-called ‘normal’ students, or perhaps it is simply because they appear so alien. I just don’t find them adorable in any way and I’m not going to ‘like’ a post of a photo of a Trisomy 21 child just because some liberal dork who wants a lot of ‘likes’ shares it with his ‘friends’ on Facebook.


As a matter of fact, I find people with Down’s Syndrome downright creepy and I cannot for the life of me understand the success of the wildly popular show ‘Born This Way’. After all, people with Down’s Syndrome aren’t the only ones ‘born this way’, though they are the only people with that particular disorder. There are others out there ‘born this way’ but there aren’t any producers trying to make money off shows about them even though they may have it harder in life than those with Trisomy 21.

I am very uncomfortable around handicapped people in general but those with Down’s Syndrome really cause the levels of discomfort to rise. I am not sure why I feel this way but I do. Suffering from a handicap of my own – clinical depression with bipolar disorder – I should have a certain empathy for those with developmental issues, but the truth is I find them weird and just want to be away from them as quickly as possible whenever I encounter them in public.

It’s the same as far as deformities, whether born with it or dealt an unlucky hand by the game of Life and yes, I know that people can’t help being scarred from car accidents, house fires, dog bites, raccoon mauls, or other unfortunate casualties of being a human in the world, but it makes me ill to look at someone with a fucked up face. I am not surprised when these people wind up in horror films such as The Hills Have Eyes and House of 1000 Corpses to name a few.

Can you truly say that you would seriously consider dating someone with a mental handicap or physical deformity? Oh no, you wouldn’t so don’t sit there lying through your teeth about it. You would be utterly repelled if a person of the opposite gender with melted features from 2nd and 3rd degree burns came up to you and asked you to come out on the dance floor. You’d probably faint if a guy with hypertrichosis wanted to date you, and you would die if a girl with Treacher Collins Syndrome had the hots for you.

I feel sorry for these people having to go through life looking the way they do, We live in a looks-oriented society and if you do not fit the norm, you are treated like an outcast. This is probably the main reason I shy away from those with physical deformities. Hell, at least I am being honest and not one of the Bleeding Heart/I-Love-Everyone types. That’s what you will always find on my blogs and even my Facebook and Twitter posts – unabashed honesty.


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