Cooning as defined by one site is (grammar corrected by me):

a verb derived from the word coon. A coon was/is a person of African decent whose sole purpose was/is to entertain white people. These ‘coons’ started out as wearing black face, characterized by having big eyes and painting big red lips on their faces. These people would tap dance, play instruments and sing. 

Modern day coons are blacks who play stereotypical roles and black entertainers that promote ignorance (the large majority in my opinion). Many Black Liberals tend to consider Conservative Blacks to be coons when the same could be said of them since they align themselves with a political party that hasn’t done much for the plight of the poor, disenfranchised, underemployed, and always discriminated against Americans of Color.

Whenever any Black person comments on the ignorance, criminality, violence, and negativity of Blacks here int his country, they are immediately labeled a coon by such bloggers as Abagond (whose constant posts about racism has led me to believe that maybe his ex wife left him for a White man or he went after a White woman and was turned down in such a nasty way that it left its mark forever). I do not call Blacks who tell the truth about Black culture – whatever that is – coons because they aren’t. Just because someone has a different opinion than yours does not mean they are a coon or an Uncle Tom or a Step N Fetchit or whatever you want to call them.

For example, a lot of Blacks were incensed by Raven Symone’s remarks about being discriminatory against those with ‘ghetto sounding’ names (what one blogger actually had the nerve to call ‘ethnic’). I don’t like those names either and I would never hire anyone with some made up name like D’Queshia or LaMelvina, Pharisee or Jarrion. They don’t sound pretty to be honest – they sound perfectly rachet and I just wouldn’t want to have people working with me whom I have to call by such monikers. Why can’t Black people be like everyone else and give their children ‘normal’ names? I’m so glad I was born way before the trend for ghetto names became popular. Even some trashy Whites have started in on it, even forsaking outdated mainstays like Emily and Travis. This occurs even in England where people usually press old fashioned names such as George and Victoria upon their offspring.

Then there are the comments made by Johnathan Gentry on Facebook, Dr. Ben Carson of ‘Gifted Hands’ renown, Black Trump Supporters Diamond & Silk, and Sheriff David Clarke. These people have a right to voice whatever opinions they may have – same as I do. Simply because their comments may seem to be anti-Black and pro-White is because the uneducated do not understand what they are saying. I have noticed this with many Blacks who lack an education and even with those that have college degrees (a certain relative comes to mind). They tend to not understand what people actually mean, as if the nuances are just beyond the comprehension of their tiny little minds.

I don’t belong to the Democratic Party anymore. I am unaffiliated and happy to be so. I don’t believe that the Democrats have done much to advance the quandary of the American Black anymore than the Republicans have. and I damn sure do not believe that Liberal Whites are any more accepting of their fellow Black Libs than the most racist, redneck Republican. That being said, I do not endorse Donald Trump for president and I will not vote for him because he is just a power-hungry rich asshole who has a deep disdain for women. If he wins, it won’t be on account of my vote which is going either to a Libertarian or to a written in candidate – perhaps Garfield the Cat or Minnie Mouse.


Calling your own people names that White people use is being what you claim that those like Michael Jordan, Steve Harvey, Larry Elder, etc, are. A coon. Stop slinging mud at fellow Blacks and start doing something more positive with your time and energy. You think those people you call ‘coons’ actually care? They are successful, mostly educated, probably have never read your blog or visited your website and perhaps never will. You can call me whatever you like, I don’t honestly give a shit because I will simply post whatever opinion I have and go on with my day. 

Happy coon hunting!


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