My xenophobia is rearing its ugly head once more as far as those snooty Limeys are concerned, this time my attack being upon that Teutonic lot so revered by many Brits – the Royal House of Windsor. They were not always the Windsors mind you – they were actually the House of Saxe Coburg Gotha but made a hasty name change during WWI due to the extreme anti-German sentiment of the times. George V transformed the nostrils-in-the-air German Saxe Coburg Gothas into the pasty-faced Windsors in 1917 and they have been known by this very English moniker ever since.

Brits for the most part tend to worship their royal family like those people were/are Gods, Goddesses and whatnot whose shit doesn’t stink. They willingly fund these leeches to the tune of millions of pounds per year, same as American taxpayers do for serial murderers, baby killers, and those grimy crooks over in Israel, and get happy when the snobs condescend to put on a show for them: Trooping The Colour (aka the Queen’s Birthday Parade) and Garter Day, among many others. Most of these events take place in June, which over in the UK has become known as the Royal Month as a result.

You may think that these upper-crust elites have democratic attitudes
towards others, particularly the less fortunate but that is not the case, and especially wasn’t with the late and much beloved Queen Mother, whom Prince Charles was extremely attached to. The former Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was a commoner who finagled her way into the royal family to marry one prince when she couldn’t get her social-climbing paws on another. She was an alcoholic and a bigot to boot, her racism being as well known outside of Britain as it was inside. She wanted to appease Hitler and the Nazis, lived a lifestyle so extravagant that she had to be funded by her own daughter the Queen and grandson Prince Charles, routinely referred to Indians, Africans, and other non-Whites as ‘nig-nogs’ and ‘blackamoors’, and also had a hatred for Jews.

Here are several examples of racist remarks made by members – usually Prince Phillip, a man who came from nothing though he does have a royal background himself (his own family was rather on the impoverished side). Some of the comments are actually more prejudicial than racist like the nasty asides made towards the Scottish, whom the class-conscious English look down on as much as they do the Irish and the Welsh.

  1. In 2004, Princess Michael of Kent said to a table full of black New Yorkers: “You need to go back to the colonies.” Princess Michael’s father was an SS officer and she is German by birth.
  2. Addressing a group of British students in China, Prince Phillip warned them against staying in the country for too long, or they might: “…go home with slitty eyes.”
  3. Back in the 1990’s, Prince Phillip once asked a Scottish driving instructor: “How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to pass the test?”

  4. Back in 2009, during a visit from US President Barack Obama, Mr Obama told the Queen and Prince Philip: “I had breakfast with the prime minister; I had meetings with the Chinese, the Russians…,” to which Prince Phillip responded: “Can you tell the difference between them?”
  5. In an ill-judged move, Prince Harry decided to attend a costume party dressed as a Nazi, complete with a swastika armband.
When the late Princess Diana befriended the equally late Dodi Fayed, tongues wagged furiously – the British Establishment, which had never accepted Mohamed Al-Fayed despite his billions, could not stomach the fact that the mother of the future heir to the throne was dating a ‘wog’, a Muslim at that. This is one reason for the conspiracy theory that claims Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed were actually assassinated by the MI5 and/or MI6.
“James Brown is a jive ass nigger and Ray Charles is a blind, ignorant nigger” from the drunken no-talent Elvis Costello. And yes, I do believe that people say what they truly mean when they are intoxicated. They often don’t have the guts to do it sober.

Why should Americans of Color care what the inbreds of the British royal family think about people of a lower social status or different race or nationality than their own? I guess some of you may care. I do not – hell, I don’t care what haughty rich shitheads in my own country think about me, nor do I care what anyone else thinks – I just thought it made for an interesting blog post as a continuance of my series on British racism, since a lot of people tend to believe the Brits aren’t as racist as American Whites. But racism is everywhere – there are White Power movements in all the countries that Whites stole from the natives, from Australia to New Zealand to South Africa and yes, even Canada, that great Northern neighbor of ours where everybody is said to be so different from us crazy ‘Yankees’.


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