I find it quite rib-tickling that grown people believe in the Devil. You attend just about any church in the land on any given Sunday, and the pastor will probably have something to say about ol’ Satan as if he met him once or twice and can’t get over how mean the guy was.

The word Satan means adversary. Anything said to be Satanic is meant to be contrary to Godly, God being that other entity which doesn’t exist and whom so many adults waste their time praying to even when they know, down deep inside, those prayers will not be answered unless they get off their knees (asses) and get it done themselves.

Satan is a metaphor just as God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and all those other mythological beings are metaphors. Satan stands for the evil within us, whilst Jesus stands for the good – if good can be said to exist inside any human, that is. The stories of the Bible and all the other works of various religions are just that – stories. Like the fables of ancient Greece, the legends of the Native Americans, the myths of classical Rome, the folk tales of Old Europe, and the lore of Third World indigenous peoples, the fairy stories from the Bible, the Koran, and any other religious work are there to provide moral law, a guideline for living. People made all that stuff up to explain things. Why and how adults can believe it and use the tales as advice for living their lives with the fear of the Devil and eternal fire should they fuck up, and the promise of angelic rewards after death if they are good, boggles my mind.

Bad little children go to Hell, good little children go to Heaven!

When I was a child, I was always warned that if I was bad, I would go to Hell where I would be punished by the Devil, this being a red-skinned creature with horns, a forked tail, cloven hoofs, and bat wings carrying a pitchfork which he used to poke the behind of any wayward child or adult whilst his minions – demons – laughed and danced and helped to torment the sinners captive in Hades.

Heaven was reserved for good little kids, where flaxen-haired angels with blue eyes, snowy white wings, and golden halos, sitting on fluffy clouds of joy playing violins or trumpets, ushered one in through the pearly gates where one would live in happiness forevermore.

Get over it! There is no Devil or demons or angels or any of that nonsense. You are responsible for your own actions, not some godless adversary hell-bent on forcing you to live a life of sin. Capacity for good and evil exists within us all and what you do with your life, your actions and your words and whatnot, are the result of YOU, not Satan or God or whatever you call it.

The Devil does not exist and there is no place of eternal torture called Hell. There’s no Heaven either.


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