Paranormal State was a show that aired on the A&E network (of Duck Dynasty infamy) from 2007 – 2011 and centered around the investigations of Penn State’s Paranormal Research Society, a college club made up of (mostly geeky) White students with an interest in the paranormal. Ryan Buell led the now disbanded group.

Was Paranormal State a fake show? Aren’t they all, I say. Probably the most convincing episode is Haunted Homecoming, and the least believable is I Am Six which I wrote about in an earlier post. I have probably seen every episode of Paranormal State, and the show was as edited, overreacted, and ‘out there’ as any episode of Ghost Hunters or The Demon Files.

When I first saw an episode of the show – already cancelled by that time – it was on Hulu, I was bored with Kitchen Nightmares and Chopped, searching for something to watch online that was ‘scary’ since it was close to Halloween. I found Paranormal State and was hooked. When I ran out of episodes to watch on Hulu, I went to YouTube and found the rest. Yes, I knew the action wasn’t real. I mean, who actually believes in ‘dead time’ – 3 am (one of the actual

Ryan Buell with Lorraine Warren

former names for the show before they decided on Paranormal State)? But it was a fun show to watch just the same, and it often made me laugh and this is something that comedies don’t ever do.

Co-exec producer Tina Gazzero has been reported as admitting that each episode was outlined by the production team for maximum producible results. They even outlined story arcs for each member of the team, so you can safely declare that this show, like the other so-called ‘unscripted’ shows out there, actually used a script of sorts. Most of the time the team members even sound as if they are reading from cue cards!

There have been allegations of money fraud regarding Ryan Buell and PRS, which you may read all about here if you are so inclined. Honestly, the people who got ripped off by these con artists probably deserve it – why would you spend good money for bullshit, there’s no way that anyone can teach you about the paranormal via webinar or webisode or however – but to have it done to hundreds of people for thousands of dollars goes to show you just what type of person Ryan really is, and that goes for his PRS members too.

Apparently, the fraudulent activity is one reason Chip Coffey and Michelle Belanger severed ties with the group. According to some reports online, Sergey Poberezhny, a PRS member, was involved with the scams as well. I am glad that I would never fall for such con artists – how the sheeple can be so gullible never fails to amaze me. All I can write to those who lost money to Ryan Buell and his cohorts is this: I hope you are able to launch a class action suit against them and get back the funds you were ripped off for.


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