Here’s another entry to the Paranormal Hoax Hall of Shame with a movie based upon the ‘true events’ (A Haunting in Connecticutt) and a book that was coauthored with – who else – the Warrens (In a Dark Place), as well as Carmen Reed formerly Snedeker continuing to insist that the haunting was fact even though the late Ed Warren supposedly told several coauthors to ‘make the story scary’ when the writers could not find enough truth to the statements of those who claimed to be under attack by supernatural forces. Ed also has been reported as calling the Snedekers ‘crazy’ which explains a lot about the self-styled ‘demonologist’ as well as his clients.

I of course totally disbelieve the Snedeker family claims. They had a son who was being treated for cancer and cancer treatments are very expensive. They had actually moved to this house – a former funeral home – in Southington, CT so that their son could be near the hospital where he was given cobalt treatments for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – and moving isn’t cheap. They learned that the house had been a funeral parlor (in the film version, they claim to discover this by accident but in real life it was apparently a neighbor who informed them of this) and they thought about the Amityville Horror and realized that they could make some money.

So they came up with this story about their home being haunted by the dead that had been embalmed during the time the place was a funeral parlor. ‘Infested with demons’ was the Warrens’ declaration – but isn’t that what they always say about every house they have been called in to investigate? Carmen Reed maintains these days that she has ‘intuitive abilities’ and her photo on a website for managing paranormal investigators has the look of a Glamour Shots spread. I can’t believe this woman takes herself so seriously.

According to the coauthor of ‘In a Dark Place’:

“The family involved, which was going through some serious problems like alcoholism and drug addiction, could not keep their story straight, and I became very frustrated; it’s hard writing a non-fiction book when all the people involved are telling you different stories” (“Ray Garton” 2009)”

And this from the landlady, who had served the Snedekers with an eviction notice for non-payment of their rent:

“Personally, my husband and I do not believe in ghosts and to us, the whole issue seems ridiculous. I find it ironic that after more than two years as tenants, suddenly we are told about these alleged ghosts and then read in the paper that the Warrens will be conducting a seminar and will be charging the public for it.

“If the ghosts really are there, then why did the Snedekers stay there over two years and why are they staying there now? Are they looking for publicity or profit, or what?” the landlady said (qtd. in DiMauro and Starmack 1989).

Sheeple, try not to believe what you see from those money-hungry schmucks in Hollywood. They will claim that anything is a true story in order to make a buck. Honestly, the Snedekers don’t sound even a fourth as credible as the Smurls, and barely half as truthful as the Lutzes.


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