Annabelle is a doll – a Raggedy Ann, not some demonic-looking thing with a wicked smile as created by Hollywood – that was claimed by the Warrens to be haunted (infested by demons, I’m sure. Another way for the Warrens to make money off of gullible, superstitious sheeple). Apparently it still is, for the silly-faced doll resides now in the collection of ‘haunted items’ Lorraine Warren keeps in the ‘occult museum’ in her home in Connecticut.

The story behind Annabelle begins in 1970, when student nurse Donna was given an old Raggedy Ann by her mother for her birthday. Hell, I was just a baby then! Anyhow, Donna lived with another nursing student, Angie, in a small apartment. Within days of receiving the doll, the women start to notice that there was something eerie about it. Allegedly, it moved – by itself – and even was able to write messages for them on parchment paper that was not kept in the apartment: “Help us” and “Help Lou” according to the Warrens‘ site.

Eventually, Donna and Angie get in touch with a medium who tells them, during a seance, that the spirit of a little girl, Annabelle Higgins, was on the property. The child was only 7 when she was found murdered in a field, apparently right where the apartments stood. Donna and Angie felt sorry for the slain child’s spirit so they gave it permission to reside in the doll. What a mistake!

The two women had a male friend named Lou who had always felt that the doll was evil. He was purportedly attacked by some invisible being when looking for the source of a rustling noise one day when he and Angie were about to embark on a trip. As he moved closer to where Annabelle lay in a corner in Donna’s room, suddenly he was clawed – there were seven distinct marks as stated by Lou and Angie later – on the chest, which stained his shirt with blood. Within 2 days the marks were gone.

The Warrens were called in and came to the conclusion that Annabelle was not the spirit of a dead child but a demonic entity and it had possessed the doll and was causing all this strange havoc. They managed to get the doll and apartment exorcised by an unwilling priest, and took Annabelle home with them to their ‘museum’. They leave us with a warning on their site: a young couple comes to the museum and the male half of the pair makes fun of the doll, banging on the case and making nasty comments. Ed tells him to leave. Well, the couple gets into an accident on their motorcycle and the young man is killed instantly. What a story, huh? Total nonsense. Why anyone believes whatever b.s. comes from the mouths of the Warrens is beyond me, but since doing my research on this couple I’ve come to believe that everything they have done as far as the occult/paranormal is concerned has been to generate them a lot of cash.


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