Paranormal Witness is an American television show produced by a British company, which presents purportedly ‘true’ firsthand accounts of people who have experienced bizarre phenomena in houses, apartments, cemeteries, and other places. I just watched the latest episode – The Mojave Encounter -yesterday afternoon, which I had recorded the night before; it featured a couple who had supposedly been abducted by aliens while camping in the Mojave desert. I kind of believe they were abducted but not by aliens – it was probably US military personnel because I doubt it could have been the Russians (or Soviets as they were then called).

While I do not believe most of the stories revealed on the show, I do find it highly entertaining like a lot of those paranormal shows, mainly because it isn’t about a team of intense (or goofball) Caucasian ‘investigators’, typically all male, trying to turn static into voices a la EVP and claim a shadow is a ghost or floating dust is an orb. However, there are hardly any accounts on Paranormal Witness (now with True Terror added, as if this makes the show any more believable or frightening, which it is not) that provide documented evidence other than the eyewitness stories of the people who experienced the spirits or demons or aliens.

Two of the most believable accounts I have ever seen on Paranormal Witness are the episodes titled ‘The Manson Curse’ and ‘The Abduction’. The latter is particularly compelling due to the independent witnesses involved – law enforcement and even lie detector test results. I don’t believe there is life out there on other planets but I do believe that people have been abducted and tested – by our own US government for whatever reason(s). As for there being a curse involving Manson’s victims, I feel that this could possibly be an honest account just because I have the belief that those who die violently and suddenly can sometimes stick around because they are in limbo, which is why you may see the specter of such a person in or near the place where the incident occurred.

It is not really a haunting to me and there are some who will state that those beings are demons in the disguise of human beings but demons aren’t real – other than the sociopaths who are out to hurt others any way they can – but I think that if you are killed somewhere, you may stick around for a time. This is especially true of those who died before finishing something. Sharon Tate was not allowed to have her child – is it any wonder her spirit may still be seen roaming the canyons above Hollywood? She was murdered in such a violent, gruesome manner – and her killers (other than the abominable Susan Atkins) are still alive. Sharon’s life was cut short and that of her unborn son never was realized. I find it despicable the way some idiots worship Charles Manson but that’s a subject for a later post.

Going back to Paranormal Witness…it’s got a high IMDb rating but ratings mean nothing to me. Just watch the show. Some of the accounts ring true, at least far more factual than any of those hauntings that the late Ed and his widow Lorraine Warren were involved in.


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