My Ghost Story was an American TV show – there was an Asian spin off which featured encounters of the paranormal in Malaysia and Singapore on the Biography channel in Asia – where people talked about their alleged confrontations with otherworldly beings. Nearly all of them offered video, EVPs, and photos as evidence of their encounters which are the main reasons I found this series far more compelling than Paranormal Witness, a show that has too much CGI going on to make it seem factual – I really hate corny re-enactments.

Some of the ‘evidence‘ has been disputed such as The Impound Ghost” – Puckett’s Body Shop & Wrecker Service in Oklahoma. There are ‘experts’ who claim the specter floating over the wrecked cars in the lot is ‘authentic’, whilst others are more skeptical. One story I found difficult to swallow was the ‘ghost’ of a murdered woman – a blonde waitress – coming through the TV screen. I mean, the image actually appeared 3D! I have tried to find the title of the episode that contains this segment but I can’t recall it to save my life. At any rate, I found the story just too far out there to be even remotely believable.

Another story involved an obvious gay couple, one of whom resembled a weird marionette, who retired to a home in Florida that was said to be built over the mass graves of KKK victims. This is “Above a Mass Grave” on the episode Screams in The Dark and I found the two guys truthful because they were serious and very troubled by the fact racist hate crimes had been committed on their property. Another good one is “Tortured Souls In The Hollywood Hills” which is about the spirits of Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, and others murdered during that fateful night in August of 1969. As I wrote in the previous post, I am inclined to give those who experience the restless spirits of Sharon Tate and her companions the benefit of the doubt, more so than I would someone who claims the Devil has entered their home and possessed their little girl’s Cabbage Patch doll.

I like a good ghost story as well as the next person, and My Ghost Story was probably one of the best paranormal shows to ever air. Hell, they should bring it back just for the entertainment value alone, I particularly enjoyed listening to the ‘voices’ of the spirits and demons that the individuals discovered. Imagine that, EVPs from mere static! Well all right, some of them did sound like voices and quite scary voices at that, which really gave me shivers when I watched the episodes at night on my laptop via YouTube or Daily Motion. 

My Ghost Story was better than Paranormal Witness, where the individuals sometimes won’t even meet the camera and thus come across as having something to hide – such as a bullshit story. Plus the CGI and how they always end an episode with some sort of ‘scare’ makes it seem more like a horror movie and less like a true paranormal encounter. My Haunted House, which I will write about later, is another show that details the confrontations people have with beings not of this world and it’s also a step above PW but below MGS in my opinion. Bring back My Ghost Story so I can get freaked out over those EVPs, video, and photos again. 


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