Here is another show featuring ‘eyewitness’ accounts of alleged paranormal events re-enacted in a style similar to Paranormal Witness’ over-the-top manner, and it’s a show that is not really scary to be honest. I want to think about these incidents when I turn off the lights at night – and I turn off every one because even a tiny nightlight will bother the hell out of me. However, I can laugh off the stories I have heard on My Haunted House because they simply do not ring true for the most part.

I have read reviewers’ comments about the show, and apparently there is one episode which details the crimes of a serial killer. According to a reviewer who happens to live in the town mentioned, no such serial killer ever roamed the streets of his town, and he did thoroughly research the story. Someone else also pointed out that this ‘Cul De Sac’ killer did not exist because My Haunted House’s producers evidently put together the violent activities of 2 different killers to create their very own!

How they can get away with this is beyond me, but there are sheeple out there that believe everything they are shown and everything they are told. I take it all with a grain of salt. I certainly do not believe that there are demons waiting to come up from Hell and infest our abodes, nor do I believe in ghosts as far as people coming back from the dead to haunt us. I can sort of believe that someone murdered or who died tragically and suddenly may still be seen, but it’s not because they are haunting anyone. They are in a sort of limbo because their deaths were so unexpected, and they died without finishing some goal or other, that they just kind of exist here on earth until someone with compassion moves them on, which is not that difficult to do.

When I saw the first episode a year or so ago, I thought it was rather fake and lacking in credibility but like I have already mentioned, I always watch these shows with a healthy dose of skepticism. You know if I cannot believe fully in the fables of the Bible, I am not going to nod my head and agree with everything these people claim about their supposed encounters with spirits, devils, and angels. FYI has this to say about the show when you Google the title:

People will spend money for an admission ticket to walk through a haunted house attraction, but would those people embrace the idea of a haunted house if the scary domicile was their own? “My Haunted House” tells of owners who say their homes have ghosts. Interviews with those who have experienced paranormal activity — coupled with dramatic re-enactments — bring the spooky stories to life in each of the hour-long episodes, which include two stories of such cohabitation with spirits.

My Haunted House is a fake show with paid actors telling the stories as if they are the actual people that the events happened to. If you do not believe me, go to IMDb and read the reviews of watchers who discovered the deception that the show’s producers have played out in their own Carnival of the Gullible, probably laughing all the way to the bank.


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