I just watched the premiere of the new paranormal show Kindred Spirits and I must admit that I wasn’t at all impressed. It was all I could do to keep my attention focused on this dull duo, who are already getting EVPs galore (the usual words from static) and even seeing shadows creeping about in the woods – and this is just the first episode! Who knows what they will see or hear next?

Amy and Adam are graduates of the hoax show Ghost Hunters and they are the Executive Producers of this one, both facts which make me rather suspicious of their intentions. Are they seriously, truly doing this to help these mentally ill people who claim to be ‘haunted’ or is it just for material gain?

Whatever the case may be, they need a drastic personality change because they are two of the most boring individuals I have ever seen on any paranormal show. I couldn’t even laugh much at the so-called EVPs they got – a ‘male voice’ saying ‘Adam’ and ’33’ for example – and I normally find EVPs a source of hilarity.

Of course, they discovered that the source of the alleged activity was not family, as the two women (a mother and her grown daughter) had thought, but the spirit of a little girl who died tragically in a sawmill accident at the age of 3 and some months. (Lo and behold, Amy has a child the exact age!) This may be the case, but I’ll wager that most if not all Christians would state that the so-called spirit is actually a demon in the guise of a little girl. The homeowner actually gave the spook permission to reside in the house because she and her daughter felt sorry for it! Wow, I thought White people were nuts before but this really takes the damn cake.

Based upon the first episode, I am not at all sure I will continue to watch Kindred Spirits particularly since these two were prominent on Ghost Hunters, which was full of fake moments just as most of these shows are, as per the instructions of the producers. They are EPs of the show which is highly suspicious to me…more fame and fortune and glory from the gullible while pretending to be helpful to the crazy people whose homes they are investigating for supposed paranormal activity. It’s too boring and I doubt, based upon the personalities of Amy and Adam, that it will get more intriguing.


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