Black people involved with investigating the paranormal? What has the world come to! Apparently the Ghost Brothers – fashion designers Juwan Mass and Dalen Spratt (Loren Spratt label) and ‘barber to the stars’ Marcus Harvey – have been into this type of activity for several years now, with the former having known each other longer (they met as Frat brothers via Clark Atlanta University). All 3 men claim to have had experiences with the paranormal, hence the reason for their interest in it.

Black people don’t usually go for this type of thing. They tend to be superstitious and view anything paranormal as being demonic in nature. Most Blacks don’t even acknowledge their own Voodoo and traditional African belief systems, as they have been thoroughly indoctrinated by the White man to believe in his own religions, those of Christianity and Islam. It was a surprise for me to learn that there would even be a show documenting a paranormal team that is made up of Black not White men.

Evidently, the Ghost Brothers were raised in religious homes where one didn’t mess with the dead. So how come they are so drawn to this activity, which has long been the domain of Caucasians in this country?
“For years, I used to watch all the ghost hunting shows, all the horror movies — just everything,” says Spratt. “I just loved being frightened, but I always noticed that there wasn’t a representation of us on any of these shows. There were no black people doing any of these ghost investigations.” (Lee Speigel, Huffington Post, 5-2-2016)

Ghost Brothers can be wacky. They bring a comical edge to paranormal investigating. My mother wasn’t impressed with their show at all – she didn’t think they stayed on point – but I have spoken with others who find their goofiness a breath of fresh air. The episodes I saw featured the usual ‘haunted’ locations that have already been investigated to death by those ubiquitous White paranormal teams, and the fact they use ‘paranormal apps’ is a bit off putting. I have tried some of those very apps and they don’t work very well if at all, in my opinion.
Producers of such shows have been seeking Black females that are into this activity as well but so far, I have heard nor read anything relating to such a future show and probably never will. Black women tend to be more religious than Black males, and I simply do not see them becoming involved in ghost hunting though I may be surprised. I mean, look at the likes of Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim! If they will do what they’ve done to themselves, who’s to say that a Black woman won’t ever lead a paranormal investigation team?
I have been seeing more and more non-Whites in horror movies lately: Blacks, Asians, darker Latins. Who’s to say that we won’t find more representation among those that seek out earth bound spirits?
Ghost Brothers with Destination America Execs

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