My name is Amy Allan. I see dead people. I speak to dead people. And they speak to me. But there’s only one way to know if my findings are real. I rely on my partner.

I’m Steve DiSchiavi. I’m a retired New York city homicide detective. And I know every person, every house, has secrets. It’s my job to reveal them.

But Steve and I never speak.

We never communicate during an investigation.

Until the very end.

Then we uncover whether it’s safe for you to stay…

…Or time to get out.

This is the introduction to The Dead Files, probably one of the most entertaining paranormal shows ever outside of those like My Ghost Story and Paranormal Witness. Psychic medium Amy Allan, who has a  degree in psychology and also lived for a time in Yugoslavia during the Bosnian war and helped with the refugees, her former husband Matthew Anderson, who clears the places before Amy’s arrival so that she is not influenced by anything the family has such as photos, and retired NYC detective Steve DiSchiavi, who in addition to his police work also did a stint for Merrill Lynch as a fraud investigator. He is a licensed PI as well as an armed guard and has his own PI firm.

According to the show’s creator Jim Casey, who is a skeptic and remained one at the time of his Q&A with the Travel Channel (which airs The Dead Files):

“I’ve always considered myself a skeptic, only believing in what I witness myself. And that hasn’t changed. What has changed is what I’ve witnessed since working with Amy Allan. Time and time again, I’ve watched Amy reveal information that she has absolutely no way of knowing – information that I have personally guarded. And Amy continues to amaze me – or, more accurately, freak me out.”

Amy Allan obviously has that ‘sixth sense’ Heidi Wyrick – the subject of a forthcoming post – suffers from. They are able to communicate with the deceased. Supposedly. Christian and other religious fanatics would say that they are chatting with demons that pose as human beings, but since I don’t believe in demons (angels either for that matter), I would beg to differ. I don’t know what’s going on with Amy or with Heidi or others like them, but I do know that whatever gift – or curse – that Amy has, I wouldn’t mind having it because I would dearly love to speak to the dead and find out what it’s like for them now that they are no longer physical entities.

I may have mentioned in a previous post some experiences I had as a teenager, when I heard my name being called by an unknown voice. The first time it happened, I was 15 and had just gotten into Stephen King novels with my (now deceased) aunt’s paperback copy of ‘Salem’s Lot. The second time, I was staying with the Sperm Donor and his adoptive mother and the voice actually sounded like my cousin, who was about 10 years old at the time. Then I heard it again only a few months later, and that time it was exactly like my younger aunt’s voice – and she was nowhere around at the time. I have not heard any disembodied voices since I was 20 and now I think that it was all the stress I was under that caused those auditory hallucinations…but I think if I were to see something I could not totally explain today, I would reconsider this explanation of those voices.

Same with The Dead Files. This is one show that I cannot wholly account for, and the reactions of those who are afflicted with the strange activity during The Reveal are simply too real to be called a fake response. I will have to reserve my judgment on this show but for now, I feel Amy is genuine.


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