Plumbers by day (though due to the show’s success, they are now honorary employees who only do work for Roto Rooter as their schedule allows), seekers of spirits by night, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson have become probably the most renowned ghost hunters in the world.

TAPS – The Atlanta Paranormal Society – at least has members who aren’t White males, though they tend to be White females. (Why are these paranormal groups so damned White? You never see Black, Asian, Native American, or Latino members. Are the group members bigots or the producers of the TV shows? There is a very well known group here in my state whose lead team members are actually Native American I think they deserve their own show as they would bring a unique element to reality TV as far as these paranormal investigations are concerned.)

I have not watched Ghost Hunters in at least a decade and the episodes I did see, I felt were hogwash, a lot of crap to reel in the viewers. You saw members of the team freaking out over a mere shadow (what location doesn’t have shadows, particularly when there is lighting and other electric equipment around), going nuts over what they perceive to be a voice from static (the infamous EVP), and just always got some type of EVP or felt a drop in temperature or saw a shadow, etc). carrying on like children whenever they get ‘something’ (same with Ghost Lab, a discontinued show where they got so many clear EVPs it made me suspicious.)

It is unfortunate that Ghost Hunters became such a popular franchise because it’s just as fake as all the rest. My firm belief is that once we die, we are gone and do not return. (Christian zealots would claim that only Jesus returned from the dead.) I do believe that those who die violently and suddenly may wander for some time, or at least their specters can be seen by those who are sensitive. There is nothing scientific or proven about paranormal investigating. I wish all the skeptics out there would get together and show these fools and sheeple and other gullible non-thinkers that there are no such things as ghosts!

Jason and Grant are out for material gain – plumbers don’t make a hell of a lot of money and raising a family is a costly venture, one reason I never had kids myself (other than the fact I simply don’t like them). It is the same with all the other paranormal shows out there as well as the ‘reality’ TV. Those people only want money, and they are readily cashing in because there are individuals who are easily deceived by whatever they see or hear or read. Just because someone carries an EMF reader. spirit box, thermal cam, EVP recorder, or IR light does not mean that they are experts in the field of the paranormal. There really is no such person – one cannot attend the University of Paranormal Research to obtain a B.S. (bullshit) in Paranormal Investigations.

Ghost Hunters is not real. It is purely for entertainment purposes only and should be stated that way.


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