A Haunting in Georgia and The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia both supposedly tell the story of young Heidi Wyrick, a Southern girl cursed – or blessed – with the strange ability to communicate with the dead (though the former does a better, more truthful job of it than the latter).

James Gordy

When the Wyrick family moved onto a property they’d received a great deal on, due to the ‘fact’ that no one had apparently ever lived on the land before, it wasn’t long before little Heidi began to see and speak with a man she called Mr. Gordy. Heidi interacted with Mr. Gordy plenty of times – he pushed her on the swing, helped her to learn to ride her bike, and she eventually thought of him as her ‘protector’ – though his visits became less frequent as time passed, due to taunts from schoolmates after Heidi’s ghostly encounters were featured on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. (Heidi fought to keep her ‘gift/curse’ at bay, so she didn’t see so much of Mr. Gordy as she grew older.)

Lon of the ‘bloody shirt’

I once belonged to a Pentecostal-type church where faith healing, speaking in tongues, and receiving & being ‘slain in’ the Holy Spirit was considered normal. If you didn’t experience any of this stuff, you were not actually ‘saved’. They believed that AIDS was sent as a punishment for homosexuality, any music that didn’t praise the Lord was ‘of the world’, and the peace sign was demonic. To such odd Christians, Heidi’s visions would be thought of as ‘Satanic’. In fact, I will go further and state that most if not all Christians would say that her ‘gift’ is truly a ‘curse’ and that it comes from the Devil.

I don’t believe that. If there is a God or even a Goddess, I don’t think s/he would give someone this ability unless there was a reason for it. Some people are more attuned to the vibrations of the earth than others. I have had some encounters myself that are unexplained, such as knowing something bad (a stroke) had happened to my aunt several years ago when no one had heard from her, hearing my name called by disembodied voices on 3 different occasions, and using magick to bring about outcomes favorable to me (though winning the lottery yet eludes me).

I have a friend who always gets a funny feeling whenever someone close to her is about to pass on. She also dreams of lottery numbers. A couple of times, she’s come up with winning numbers but did not play them for one reason or other; of course, she would get pissed off at herself when the number was revealed as the winner. She could have won a million dollars once, but didn’t because she lacked the money for buying the ticket.

No one can make clear to me how Heidi is able to see and talk to people long dead before her own birth, It is very strange but I don’t find it spooky at all. I believe that Heidi should use her gift to help others if she can and not suppress it simply because others are frightened by it, or too ignorant of such matters to try to understand it. If I had such a gift, I would use it as much as possible. I would like to speak to the dead in my own family because some of them died unexpectedly, and I know that my grandmother had some unfinished business because she actually returned to the house not long after her death (though my great aunt didn’t care to hear that, having argued with her sister shortly before her passing).

My conclusion: Heidi Wyrick is blessed, not cursed, and I hope she comes to terms with her gift.


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